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The Illegal alien rip-off

The children they bring with them get educated and those who don’t speak, read and write English fluently cost 20-40% more to educate than fluent English speakers cost. The children they have here also get educated for free and often aren’t fluent English speakers either. Children from low income families, regardless of legal status here, get two free meals every school day plus free books and free language tutoring when necessary.
They benefit from working at our jobs (driving up unemployme

­nt and driving down wages) and using our natural resources, like clean water and (mostly) healthy food. They get to our jobs by driving on our streets or using our public transporta­tion. They go to emergency rooms rather than going to doctors because they’d have to pay the bills at the Doctor’s office and we pay the emergency room bills. They really don’t help pay for much of any of the services they use every day because many work off the books and those who work on the books don’t earn enough money to pay much in taxes.

They’re not coming here to help us, they’re coming here to benefit off of us and that’s how it works out. They come illegally in their own self-inter­ests but we’re not allowed to enforce our own laws in our own self-inter­ests. There’s no real meaningful dispute of the facts so you general claims that they’re not eligible for benefits or they pay as much in taxes as everyone else (neither are true) and when we post data regarding total costs then some call us hateful names.”

Speaker in da house

Joliet Jake2008 (@jolietjake2008) has shared a Tweet with you:  “SpeakerBoehner: .@wsjopinion: spending binge, red tape, #hcrcostsjobs – Obama Admin policies to blame for struggling economy”

The run

Damn it people we need only 1 candidate to run against obama…stop the bull shit and quit trying to split the vote….stand up we are not fn sheepeople or liberal bitches. IF ya can’t stand the truth then unfriend me lib. (via joliet jake )