Catherina Wojtowicz-The Cracked Nut Liar

   Catherina Wojtowicz the self proclaimed Tea party thunder thigh has the gall to try to use the Tea Party Conservatives as her sounding board to push her self perceived agenda on the American population. Just Google this idiot. The Tea Party is about bringing America back to being a productive country not pushing agendas that have nothing to do with American people getting back to work or tearing down fellow conservatives.

My god just look at her, she slipped in to my Facebook page under guise of a Conservative, when in reality this women is Liberal to the core,  as long as she has her rights she doesn’t care if you lose yours. Ask your self this question about Catherina Wojtowicz does she really care and who is she pulling your chain for.    In the pictures below she says in one breath we need Cisco Cotto of WLS radio, then  Catherina Wojtowicz  Calls Cisco a Bore, since when is being a Conservative being a bore, then this Lady and I use the term loosely, has the nerve to call me gay, using slanderous terms, Then she has the nerve to call me Retarded…or slow, don’t want to misquote her. Your Busted  Catherina Wojtowicz,  We the people of the Tea Party are not your toys to play with.



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21 responses to “Catherina Wojtowicz-The Cracked Nut Liar”

  1. Sam Pierce says :

    Its about time people realize what is going on with this nut.

  2. Anonymous says :

    Keep up the good work. Catherina is at best an embarrassment and at worst a real cancer to the tea party movement. I can’t think of anyone else in the entire country who has done more to bring shame to the movement than she has.

    Most people either ignore her disgusting behavior or try to get along with her, for what reason I don’t know. You’re taking a stand and exposing her for the person that she is. Thank you.

  3. Anonymous says :

    Busted. She’s such a whackjob.

  4. Anonymous says :

    Shes the biggest fraud around. Anyone that knows her knows shes in no position to talk about handouts. She was 42 years old and living in her parent’s basement for years. Wasnt until she hooked up with this movement that she had any income whatsoever. She would do anything to be noticed and she has serious authorty issues. This is just another one of her nutsoville chaos so she gets attention–regardless of how negative it is. Lets just say if anyone dug into her past, itll take no time to see what a liar she is. Theres a reason she is
    constantly pointing the finger to anyone other than herself. Shes got major issues. Seriously the biggest loudmouth around with zero boundaries or discretion. Shes a circus act.

  5. Anonymous says :

    I FILED A POLICE REPORT TODAY FOR TELEPHONE HARASSMENT. Catherina threatened my mom, to come to my work and to ruin my mother’s business.

  6. Anonymous says :

    I learned too how much trouble this individual really is. Guess we live and learn.

  7. Anonymous says :

    This clears up a few things. Thanks for posting, very much appreciated.

  8. Anonymous says :

    Catherina Wojtowicz has multiple orders of protection against her. See her

  9. Anonymous says :

    I was involved her Tea Party for about 1 year until I finally realized what a nut Job she is. Thanks everyone for putting this stuff out so folks can see they are not alone she harasses many. I’m not sure what its going to take to put her in her place. Perhaps she will mess with the wrong person one day who decides to go postal on her…One can Dream…The fact that her father is a retired Chicago Police officer and ALLOWS THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOR FROM HIS DAUGHTER, tell me he must have been a piss poor cop, just like he is a piss poor parent and has no bushiness collecting a pension…Maybe all of her victims should get together and fight fire with fire…See how her family likes it!

  10. Anonymous says :

    Total Psychopath

  11. Anonymous says :

    I went to grammar school with her and she was ALWAYS NUTS !!!!!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM HER!!!!!!!!

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  15. Roger Lang says :

    she doesn’t seem so nuts now, does she. she was right all along.

  16. Dorcas says :

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    Nut Liar | will county watcher” was in fact great!

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  17. missymarielove says :

    I know it’s 4 years later, but I have a nice one I’ve been dying to write about her when I get home from work today. I didn’t realize her sickeningness went this far back . Wow. I thought I was the only one who felt this way. You guys will be reading the new horrid statement she made a few weeks ago later on tonight. Yes, it was sooo bad it’s bothered me this long, and I’ve been looking for an outlet where I can expose her. Twitter only gave me room for 140 words. Then I found this blog.

  18. missymarielove says :

    So, I promised I’d get back to you today about the new hatred which spews from Catharina’s mouth. I might be wasting my time but it’s a subject I feel very strong about. I am in no way affiliated with her, but somehow she ended up as a face book friend . She no longer is . I wish I would have screen shot this comment of hers but I was too upset to think that way at the time. Well here it is, it started from her theory that medical facilities, hospitals , doctors etc., should not get involved in suspected child abuse cases. If you are suspected the NSA will watch your home for 2 years. She said, I kid you not, “If a few child abuse cases have to slip through the cracks to protect my privacy so be it. Not my kids, not my problem.” I tried to convince her after this that it is not at all personal. They cannot tell if you’re a good parent by your outfit or the job you have. So many child abuse cases go undetected each year because doctors, nurses, and neighbors, let obvious evidence slide. Often it is too late and these children end up dead. Catharina Wojotwicz believes it is a government conspiracy. If so, the conspiracy to help victims ain’t workin. Many, many abuse cases go undetected in these poor children’s homes at the hands of their own parents. Parents who are supposed to be the ones loving them, caring for them, and making them smile and laugh. Catharina Monica is a horrid woman for wanting people who actually do try to show kindness to these children to stop doing that. She thinks the government WANTS MORE WARDS OF THE STATE!! Oh please. I believe that anyone who saves a child that is being abused is totally righteous. And when a doctor asks his your child broke his ankle, do not be offended. It is not personal. If you really treat your children well, you’d understand that. This woman at the least should swallow her selfish pride and ego, which she calls her “privacy”, and realize that they are trying to do their job, which is to ensure your childs safety. And its the monstrous parents who DO abuse their kids who have brought on slight intrusion in the first place. Any good parent knows, if they do not abuse their children there’s nothing to worry about since your child will always stick up for you if you treat them well. And if they don’t their is something wrong with you as a parent or more rarely with the child , like schizophrenia or something, which then of course would be documented anyway. Look, a good example would be that most serial killers have fit right into society up until the very day they’re caught for their crimes. Isn’t that always the case though? Wait until it’s too late, then blow it up on the news like that’s all that could have been done? Just to gawk how terrible, people will say, ” how didn’t people know what was going on?” Come again? Its the its not my business people that leads to cases like these. Preventative measures and intervention is the key in helping innocent children my friends. Not turning your back and saying its not my business, and don’t ask my child how his day is going cause it’s none of your business. This attitude is what’s wrong with the world. I’d hate to be in an apocalyptic situation with a woman like Catharina Monica. Funny that she once got offended on facebook about a Christian couple who I’m pretty sure are pastors that made a funny Christian video. This offended and upset her, but children hurt by their own parents dont bother her at all. She said the video though was in bad taste. Bad taste is the name of this Catharina Wojotwicz game. Let me know what you guys think of my comment.

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