No excuses for the Destruction of america…It’s Liberals.

Mexico: Today a Mexican argued the point that he should be accepted because in his country he is oppressed, yet this same Mexican starts telling me he loves Mexico better then America because Americans are fools, Why..??, because we bend down and kiss their asses when they cry racism..he said in his country they would shoot you for just about anything….let’s see maybe I am wrong..don’t think so, we are fools for taking them in, Mexico is so great, and everyone here is a racist…WTF.., this same man has a fake SS card, got free loans from our government and this same man is a Gang banger..Drives an Escalade, can afford clothing that we only dream of and we support this filthy leach with our taxes….what’s wrong with this picture. I asked him would he want to be an American citizen, he said “hell No..why lose all the free shit he gets…..He does what he wants to whomever he wants and no one stops him….


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4 responses to “No excuses for the Destruction of america…It’s Liberals.”

  1. Phillip Cleary says :

    I’ll wear whatever I want. Try and stop me! Unlike our President I’m proud to wear the flag I defended. Oh yes, my mistake he didn’t defend it he denigrated it!

  2. The Angry Jolietan says :

    Obama’s IQ is 56.7-Not even body Temperature
    Stupid comes in all colors……
    Vote with Intelligence THIS TIME in 2012. copyright 2011

  3. Zephyr says :

    You have to ask yourself who benefits from the influx of illegal aliens. Who convinced the government to have Immigration look the other way while illegals flooded into the USA? Who would be in a position to LOBBY the politicians to do such a thing and WHY? It seems to me that certain business interests would benefit from the influx of illegals as a way to depress wages. Put the blame where it belongs.

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