Ron Paul Has Problem With His Birth Certificate….

Washington, DC– Congressman Ron Paul of Texas appears to have his own problems with a birth certificate. He doesn’t have one. The controversy may be enough to derail the Republican congressman’s quest for the Oval Office.

Birth certificates weren’t around when Dr. Ron Paul was born. They didn’t have them back in the Mesozoic Era. Dr. Paul admits to being (and looking) very old, but even his closest supporters are surprised to learn he’s well over 70,000,000 years old.

Dr. Paul does have something like a birth certificate, and he hopes that it will be enough proof. Dr. Paul was hatched from a dinosaur egg, and still has some of the egg fragments. The congressman is always happy to show them to people, in place of a birth certificate.

Whatever happens, Dr. Ron Paul deserves to be the next president of the United States. He is the only one older than the country, and the only one older than the North American continent.



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3 responses to “Ron Paul Has Problem With His Birth Certificate….”

  1. what is whey says :

    They used stone tablets, which he better produce!

  2. melfucious says :

    you are ridiculous. this isn’t funny. move beyond recycled jokes.

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