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The Conservative Warrior is “you”

I will not cry for the Liberal as they beg at my feet for handouts, I will defend my right of Constitution and the rights of the American citizen to the same Constitution.

I will not defend the Illegal to the right of Life, Liberty, or the pursuit of happiness. This was guaranteed to the people of United States of America by the blood that has been shed and the …families that have wept for the loss of their past and future children of war. America should never have become the dumping point for the lawless, the Illegal pandering mindless government puppets, or the Liberal mind set.

Do we defend her today..?? or do we run with our tails between our legs like rats deserting a ship. Look about you facebook friends, look at the children at your table, look at the parents that gave till it hurt that you call Mom and Dad. Do you allow them to be casualties of the Obama nation….

The Obamanation..the war has begun.

Are we United in this fight for 2012 or are we to bicker like little children on the playground, “man up people” if America is allowed to become a Ghost, a whimper in the night, where will you then call home. And then ‘Who’s ya daddy now”