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Death in the Street’s

St Pats is gearing up for another round of firefights and mayhem and no one really gives a damn!,Two-wounded-Joliet-shooting_JOP042110.article

phil wrote:

I live about 3 blocks from where this occurred. The problem is multi-faceted. First and foremost most but not all of the problems originate from rental property owned by Protown Properties. The police know where the problems exist and so does the City Council. For years we have tried to get the City to take a stance on these properties that are snapped up by Protown before they ever hit the market. Someone on the city payroll alerts Protown as soon as the properties are vacated by, usually, older owners who have recently died or are being put into care facilities by their relatives. Once bought, Protown comes in and meets “minimum” standards for renting these single family homes. The city absolutely refuses to intervene and most of these homes are than being rented out to individuals that have been displaced by the dismantling of Chicago’s CHA “Projects”. Richard Daley’s attempt to rid himself of gang violence in the “Projects” of Chicago by tearing down these buildings and giving vouchers to the criminal element who resided there and a bus ticket to Joliet is nothing more than criminal. I have lived here 15 years and the problem has grown substantially in the last 2-3 years. We previously had “Want to Be Gangsters” hanging on the corners and selling drugs on the streets. Now we have the real thing shooting up our neighborhood in an attempt to secure the area for the Gangster Disciples. The city knows who are the problem makers, the police know who are the problem makers and the residents know who the problem makers are, and no one will do anything.
I believe the reason nothing happens is because first our “Councilman” Warren Dorris doesn’t want the problem fixed because of his racial prejudice and lack of interest in this neighborhood. Secondly I believe that one or more of the “Councilmen” make a profit on Protown’s purchase of these properties.
Lastly The St. Pat’ Neighborhood Association is inept, corrupted and lap dogs for our Council members. They have in the past had opportunities to have the candidates at forums in an attempt to search for a more competent representative for our area but because of several members’ personal relationship with these elected officials this was blocked and never came to be. As long as we are willing to put up with the corrupted elected representatives in Joliet nothing will change.

Phillip Cleary

Email to a committeeman!

In original text and fonts as copied from my e-mail;

With 18% of the voters turning out you own this mistake. For the last 3 election periods I have had my friends and family working the streets door to door trying to get you to show up and now you complain! I ran in 2 elections and told you this would happen and you sat on your couch watching the TV and now this is put at your foot step you have a problem with it!


You have been taken!

In a message dated 12/9/2009 12:20:37 P.M. Central Standard Time, writes:


Get rid of Silver Cross Field, the Museum & the Water Park. Stop subsidizing the Rialto, Day Break, USF and other organizations, lay off any unneeded personnel and start working for the people!


Phil, you wrote in part:  “…Get rid of Silver Cross Field, the Museum & the Water Park. Stop subsidizing the Rialto, Day Break, USF and other organizations, lay off any unneeded personnel and start working for the people!…”

1.    Silver Cross cost per year:  minimal. Income from naming rights:  $10 million over 15 years! — (What was the cost and what is the annual payout?)

2.    Museum cost per year:  $325,000. Income: untold direct and indirect tourist dollars & Education

3. Water Park cost per year: $200,000.    Income: no monetary; public enjoyment only.

4. Rialto: ~$600,000/yr.    Income: direct & indirect spending from thousands of annual visitors.

5.    Day Break:  $75,000/yr.  Value: hundreds of homeless drop offs by our police.–(How many are local citizens and how many re sanctuary recruits?)

6. USF: no cost. Income:  sales tax from spending of students and faculty downtown.–(If you haven’t noticed not too many businesses are making it Downtown because of the “Spending”!)

7.    Other organizations:  n/a. No other monies go out to any other organizations.

8.    Please define “unneeded.”  Last I saw this country is pretty divided at election time. What you define as needed may differ from others. That doesn’t make you right. Only participation in the process and promotion of your positions and policies through the democratic process will unveil what the MAJORITY wants at any given time. No single citizen speaks for the rest. — (Unneeded! anyone that isn’t working 8 hours for 8 hours of work)

9.    Based on the above, “the People” have re-elected some on this Council many times, reaffirming the path we were on. The Mayor is in his FIFTH term! If a MAJORITY (define “Majority” definitively not 18% of the voting populace) of the “people” were not satisfied, they would say so at election time.

Now that the economy has taken the second-worse down-turn in our history, it’s easy to point fingers and place blame. Thankfully, more responsible individuals put their name on a ballot; campaigned to the people; won the job; and took the oath of office. I encourage you to do the same or support someone who does.

Please attend our meeting today and voice your opinions or get answers to your questions. 3:30pm Monday Dec. 14 at City Hall 2nd floor.

Thanks for writing.

My Response in the Herald on line;

phil wrote:

I e-mailed the entire City Council about this issue last week. The only responses I received back were from Tony Uremovic and Tim Brophy. Mr. Uremovic relayed that in each instance he voted against the spending of OUR tax dollars on the waste and excess that is our Water Park, the Museum, the Rialto Theater and the multitude of charitable and private organizations we have subsidized in the past. Mr. Brophy’s response was much more arrogant and demeaning. His attitude that the people of the city of Joliet need these excesses and therefore should fund them whether or not we think it’s a wise use of OUR money is nothing less than elitist. I’m sure that the Dow Mortgage doesn’t waste its’ resources in the way Mr. Brophy wastes ours. Mr. Brophy is also very proud of his ability to be re-elected and the fact that that “The People” have put him back into his position with 18% voter turn out makes him feel justified in his voting for this waste.

1. This city shouldn’t be in business in any form. If Mr. Brophy or any other Council Member thinks it’s a wise investment to own a Ball Park, Water Park or Museum I would suggest he or they develop a business plan and present it to private investors and let the chips fall where they may.

2. I would suggest that all City Departments be reassessed for Management and Labor needs and Management and Labor duties be merged wherever possible. The balance of these workers should be laid off immediately.

3. Charity is just that. It begins in the home and we decide if we can afford to take from our families and give to others, not the City Council. If Mr. Brophy or any other City Council member feels they should donate to ANY Charity or private organization then I suggest that they pull out their check book and have at it.

The people of Joliet are struggling because of the economic downturn and need to think about their own financial security before the think about the financial security of others, anything else would be irresponsible. The fact the Mr. Brophy and the rest of the TAX & SPEND cadre in the City Council feel the need to keep “Spending at any Cost” reminds me of the past attitude of “Growth at any Cost”. That is what brought us here in the first place.
By the way Mr. Brophy How much did Dow Mortgage and Dow Realty make in your quest for Growth at any Cost?

Timothy M. Brophy

Broker/Owner, Dow Realty, Inc. 815-730-1900
President, Dow Mortgage Co. 815-730-9400
1600 Plainfield Rd., Joliet, IL 60435

City Councilman, City of Joliet, IL


The risk of replying to writers like you here is that you misrepresent the tone of my words. Maybe you should call me so that you can HEAR what I am saying.

Being clear, frank and honest with you was my intent, not arrogance. But, like many dart throwers, you made your assumptions…and then published them without confirmation.

I may not be your idea of a perfect politician, but you certainly make no journalist.

With regard to my company and the growth, please call me. I’d love to have a conversation with you.

Timothy M. Brophy

Broker/Owner, Dow Realty, Inc. 815-730-1900
President, Dow Mortgage Co. 815-730-9400
1600 Plainfield Rd., Joliet, IL 60435

City Councilman, City of Joliet, IL

This e-mail communication and any attachments hereto is intended only for
use by the addressee(s) named herein and may contain legally privileged,
confidential information and may be protected from disclosure.  If you are
not the intended recipient of this e-mail, any dissemination, distribution,
printing, disclosure or copying of this e-mail (and any attachments hereto)
is strictly prohibited and may subject you to legal restriction or sanction.
If you have received this e-mail communication in error, please immediately
notify me by e-mail at or telephone at 815-730-1900 and
permanently delete all copies of this e-mail.

I called him! No answer no response! He voted to increase your property taxes. It’s time to get rid of this vermin.

An e-mail from a reader!

An e-mail from a reader!

You know that you are going to have a bad day when: 1) You are a politician coming up for re-election and your previously cloaked business dealings have suddenly become local media front page news, 2) When you refuse to answer questions for the media by replying that “I will respond to your questions sometime after the upcoming election is over”, or 3) You don’t even make the personal effort to personally talk to the reporters but instead issue your statement through one of your public relations staffers.

In our Will County Executive’s case, the answer would be “A-B-& C or all of the above.” Just a couple comments for you on today’s article so that you know:

“Every piece of property that we farmed for CenterPoint we had been farming for someone else,” Walsh said;

The real facts: The original buyer of the farm from Steffes Brothers was “not” CenterPoint but instead was a thug and his cohorts that (through threats and intimidation) convinced Steffes Brothers to sell their 370 acre property to them. Granted, they did pay Steffes a fair price but “how” they convinced Steffes to sell their land via intimidation and threats tells you a lot about who this original buyer really is. This thug immediately told Steffes Brothers that they would no longer be allowed to continue farming the land for his group as they had already obtained a new “unnamed” tenant to farm it. Within a year, this thug and his friends “flipped” this piece of property over to CenterPoint’s ownership. CenterPoint has “graciously decided” to allow the new tenant (Larry Walsh & his 3 sons) to continue to farm this land even though Steffes approached CenterPoint with an offer to try to get to farm it again. CenterPoint never made their decision as to who should farm it based on which tenant offered them the most money or the best deal but rather it was decided by the “Who’s Who Listamong the political influence peddlers in Will County. The Steffes family could tell you the name of the thug and his group who leaned on them to sell their farm. This guy’s name pops up on Google for a multitude of other federal investigations and infractions. I looked it up once and saw this. I wish that I could still remember the guy’s name but too much time has passed and my memory fails me. Nice guy to be associated with, huh? Specifically if you happen to hold a public office of trust!

Dan Kennison needs to state that “Walsh and any of his related family members need to make public all the cash-rent agreements AND ANY OTHER financial arrangements that they’ve EVER had with CenterPoint.”

It is my firm belief that this third-party (The Thug) that originally bought this farmland from Steffes Brothers (as well as other huge chunks of land within the former Joliet Army Ammunition Plant for I believe a small dollar amount per acre ($1,000? per acre) conveniently served as a means to cover up the trail (divert attention) and obscure the intended real owner of this property. Former Governor George Ryan (another Illinois politician who is not necessarily known for his public service as much as for his own “self-service’) went out of his way to speed up and aid this whole CenterPoint Land Development deal to go down quickly and quietly.

I invite Larry Walsh to submit an interview to state his point! ( I really don’t expect a response)!

Freedom or Socialism? Will County Self Governance or Cook County Corruption!

Tomorrow we go to the voting booth to decide among a number of things who will lead our country and how our system of government will change. I grew up in a predominantly Democrat neighborhood. As a matter of fact it was 1.5 blocks south and 2 blocks east of Richard Daley’s home in Bridgeport. The neighborhood I grew up in had a fairly small town feel to it. Many of the people there had lived for generations in the same apartment, everyone knew everyone else, we were more or less poor people, not having the education, or money to gain one that would enable us to actually buy the homes we lived in. My Grandfather Phillip Peter Cleary died in the same apartment he was born in on 34th and Wallace Street. He was a veteran of World War 2, learned to drive a truck in the Civilian Conservation Corps, worked for Lincoln Meat Packing as a driver and he was a good Democrat. My Grandfather believed in America, he fought for those beliefs’ in North Africa, Sicily and at Anzio Beach. He was a part of the “Greatest Generation”! He came back to the neighborhood he grew up in and was involved in the American Legion and on a small scale politics. He was a Democrat ward worker helping to get out the vote and always helping the party he believed worked for freedom and the American Value System. He worked to get out the vote for Richard J. Daley in his first run for Mayor in 1955. 

At this point you are probably asking why I am boring you with this. I believe if my grandfather were alive today he would be disgusted by what has become of his party! It has become a repository for the Socialists and Communists of America.  An organization of intolerance to freedom, if you don’t tow the line you are ostracized and denounced, like Joe Lieberman or Zell Miller. It has become a party that is financially influenced by foreign individuals and organizations like George Soros and, the Open Society Institute and the Council on Foreign Relations, who do not have the best interests of the American People at heart.

Tomorrow we will decide if we want The United States of America to take a substantial swing to the Left and adopt the failed policies of Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Mao Zedong or if we will remain the standard for Freedom in the world.

Another thing we will decide and this will have the most immediate effect on our lives. Do we want to continue the erosion of our influence in what happens in Will County or will we vote for a change in the practices that are dragging our County down. The likes of Larry Walsh, Pam McGuire, Pat O’Neil and James Glasgow are like a stain on the underwear of Will County. It is time we wash our undergarments and feel clean again.  Mr. Walsh has taken substantial amounts of money from people who do business with the county, people he has contracted. He has taken money from those that want little or no supervision to destroy the streets and highways of our County. He is an unrepentant alcoholic who has flaunted and broke the laws of our state and in the process put every citizen of this state in jeopardy by operating a vehicle while intoxicated. mR. Walsh and his buddies are chomping at the bit for Cook County style politics. Pam McGuire has not been able to lead a staff without the corruption of pay offs on tickets and sexual harassment in her office. Mr. O’Neil had to dig up a body to enable him to correctly identify (on the second try) that a murder had occurred. Mr. Glasgow has employed ADA’s that warn family members of pending charges of rape! For some reason we think that this is good Governance. Once again My Grand Father would be disgusted, I’m glad he isn’t here to witness it!   

Kennison statement on smears in Larry Walsh’s fake newspaper, “The Weekly Reporter” Dear Will County voters,

As a Veteran, a Past Commander of an American Legion Post and an active participant in Veterans issues I have a special disgust for those who would denigrate any Veteran for any reason. More times than not this ire is put upon us by those who loathe the idea of serving our Great Country in any capacity in the Military. I just have to believe that this is the case in this instance. Once again Larry and his Cronies have stooped to a new low, the farmer Joins his PIGS in the STY!

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This is my first time running for elected office but I am not new to politics.

Thus, I expected that when I began exposing the corruption and pay-to-play politics I knew existed in Will County Executive Larry Walsh’s Office, Walsh would ultimately send his political attack dogs after me and ratchet up his smear machine.

After I received the endorsements of the major law enforcement unions in Will County(1), I expected desperate acts from Larry Walsh.

But, with Walsh and his Chief of Staff Matt Ryan under FBI scrutiny(2), their desperation and resulting duplicity even surprises me.

Through a fraudulent Will County Democrat newsletter that fronts as a newspaper, Walsh (who is a listed staff member for the periodical–SEE ATTACHMENT BELOW) and his henchmen have made some of the most vicious AND untrue allegations that you can level against someone, accusing me of being dishonorably discharged from the military (I served in the U.S. Air Force from 1976-1980) and accusing me of being a “wife-beater”.

I have campaigned on a commitment to bring transparency to Will County government. So it is in that spirit and with the backing of my family that I respond to these malicious lies so that Will County residents have the facts and they can make up their own minds about what kind of person they want as their County Executive.

I will not allow myself or my family to be beaten up in a back alley by Larry Walsh, by Larry Walsh’s “newspaper”(3) or by Larry Walsh’s political hatchet men. So here we go:

I. Larry Walsh Lie #1

First, regarding my military service, I am not going to play the “he said, he said” game. After this aspersion was cast, I ordered my DD214 from the United States Air Force. The DD214 is my military discharge papers. They should arrive this week. I will post my discharge papers on my campaign website(4), for all to see.

And when I do, I want the record to reflect that Mr. Walsh disrespected me and every other veteran in Will County and in our nation by spewing a lie about my service in order to smear me and score cheap political points with the hope that some would only hear the allegation and never the truth. It is outrageous.

II. Larry Walsh Lie #2

Second, re: the allegation as to my former marriage. Here is the complete story:

My ex-wife Mary and I were married for 11 years. We had one child, our son Tyler.

Within weeks of Tyler‘s birth and throughout the 11-years she was in Tyler‘s presence, Mary suffered from significant mental illness developing first with postpartum depression and then to postpartum psychosis and later to bi-polar disorder. Her depression was and is severe, requiring 10 hospitalizations in 10 years with each stay longer than 25 days.

She has been prescribed multiple drug regimens for years and has been under the care of a doctor for more than 17 years.

In the last year of our marriage, she began hurting herself and family members. I made the decision to divorce.

On the day I told her that I would file for divorce and seek custody of our children, Mary called the Joliet police and claimed that I had battered her. Although there was no such incident and no signs of such incident, I was subjected to the police policy to arrest and separate.

I was not only found innocent of the charge by a Will County Judge but I was granted an “Order of Protection” which prohibited Mary from coming into contact with me or our children.

I was subsequently granted a divorce and custody of our children. Mary was granted only “Supervised Visitation”, requiring that a third party be present in order for her to visit the children. Mary has elected not to exercise her right to that supervised visitation at any time since our divorce.

After being found innocent of the charge Mary had leveled against me, the allegation and complete record were expunged.

I continue to raise Tyler, as I did my other children, in our home in Joliet where we have lived for the past 20 years.

These are the facts. And, again, I have the documentation to back up what I say to be true as well as the most important thing to me: the custody of my children to ensure they are raised as they have been–in a safe, loving home.

I want to add that I did not recount the detail above to embarrass anyone or assign blame. But the above is the truth and I felt I should lay out the facts and let informed Will County voters make up their own minds once presented with all of the relevant information, and not just my opponent’s desperate smears.

I should add one more thing, even after everything our family has been through, I still believe in erring on the side of safety when it comes to domestic violence. That means reporting any such incident. If someone is falsely accused, as I was, the courts can and will sort it out, as they did in my case.

With all of this now explained in painful detail, I also want Will County residents to consider the kind of person who would knowingly print falsehoods of this nature for political gain.

I want Will County residents to consider the kind of person who would, for political gain, cravenly attempt to exploit the serious issue of domestic violence and to, in effect, trivialize the suffering of the many families who have had to deal with actual domestic violence.

It is unconscionable that Larry Walsh and his guns-for-hire would knowingly and purposefully spread a story of this nature that they knew to be false. And, yet, that’s precisely what they have done.

If this is the kind of politics you want, the politics of character assassination, the politics of malicious lies and desperation, then Larry Walsh is your candidate, Will County.

If you reject this sort of politics, then, whether you vote for me or not, please let Larry Walsh and his crew know.

Whether I win or lose this election is less important to me than seeing someone in a position of public trust get away with the brand of malicious deceit practiced by Larry Walsh.

Finally, I have delivered a “cease, desist, and retract” letter to Larry Walsh’s fake newspaper. I plan to follow through with all appropriate legal action against Larry Walsh’s fake newspaper and anyone else who cares to engage in libelous and slanderous conduct against either me or my family.

Thank you for your attention to this information.


Dan Kennison
Your Candidate for Will County Executive

Larry Walsh-Family and Friends Part 2

This Small Time Back Woods Crook is poison for the County of Will!I
just hope he ends up in Statesville like us average people would!

Matt Ryan might not have taken money from the Smith Family (can you say bull shit) but Larry Walsh has benefited enormously from them!


Smith, Francis J
Occupation: Vice President
Employer: Homestar Bank

1230 N Westshore Blvd
Manteno, IL 60950


Individual Contribution
Committee To Elect Lawrence Walsh

Smith, James P
Occupation: President
Employer: Smith Dawson & Andrews

3339 Stephenson Place NW
Washington, DC 20015


Individual Contribution
Committee To Elect Lawrence Walsh

Smith, Michael D
Occupation: Lobbyist
Employer: Cornerstone Government Affairs

3104 Rodman Street NW
Washington, DC 20003


Individual Contribution
Committee To Elect Lawrence Walsh

Smith, Michael D
Occupation: Lobbyist
Employer: Cornerstone Government Affairs

3421 Morrison Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20015


Individual Contribution
Committee To Elect Lawrence Walsh





INCUMBANT! or not is the question..lets think about it.

Important comment becomes Story 

Ordinance tickets are suppose to be a method to modify behavior that while not criminal can prevent others from the exorcizing their freedoms. Now they have become an additional tax. I personally don’t care what other communities (in the original story Jan Quillman brought up the fact that we aren’t in line with the surrounding communities in the cost of these tickets) charge for these infractions. If Mrs. Quillman wants to generate more funds for her pet projects (funding the Rialto and all those useless flower boxes around the city) then she needs to get up in front of the tax payers and justify a tax increase to do so. Mrs. Quillman isn’t in a hurry to do this because of the upcoming election cycle it’s hard to bring voters in to vote for you right after you have raided their bank accounts, especially in this economy!
This is no more than a tax increase, plain and simple. The city has had more than enough money over the past decade to improve the infrastructure and dress the city up. Frankly they have pissed away the windfall they have had from the boats on stupidity like a water park that is a monument to nepotism, special interest and corrupt hiring and management. The people of Joliet have been funding this and other useless endeavors while our streets crumble and crime is rampant in the streets. We grew in an unmanaged fashion to the point that police services have been stretched beyond the desirable limits hence the inability to have an officer respond to a crime in a time frame that gives the citizen a modicum of safety!
This city government is truly inept and things are about to get worse. The city manager has already told the people (not directly but through the city council meetings) that the city needs more money to operate so our taxes will continue to rise. If you think that the assessment increases are bad wait until the individual taxing bodies start on their increases, The increase at the city won’t happen until after the City Council elections (I wonder why the do that) but you will also see increases from the School Districts, Municipalities, County, Fire protection districts and Libraries’. In short any entity that is a taxing body will increase their share of the pie. They are intentionally waiting until after the assessment so that the increase can be larger and the bite bigger.
Remember at election time bring your latest tax statement to the booth for you as mental reinforcement NOT to vote the INCUMBANT!