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Class-Action Lawsuit ?

To you, the newly elected representatives of Illinois, we the citizens are looking for justice in the matter of jobs in this area. I am talking about the companies, and the temp services providing warehouse workers to them, denying these workers their right to unionize. The “strong-arm” tactics of threatening to fire and the signing away of their rights in order to be considered for employment, has to stop now.

Your predecessors used this particular situation as a means to get newspaper and radio “air-time” for their name recognition only. Not once did they engage in resolving the situation.

That said, we turn to you. We need your help, as we have been forced to live with this for years.

These warehouse jobs should be well above minimum wage, as they require skill-sets above and beyond entry level jobs. Restaurant and retail sales are classified entry-level, warehouse jobs are classified as light industrial.

What good is having a job where you KNOW you are purposely being used, put in harm’s way and neglected performance pay? Isn’t that what a union is all about?

Why should these company benefit from tax incentives, while denying their employees the right to safety, security and a living wage?

Between the temp service and the companies themselves, employees are made to sign paperwork that strictly prohibits them from even talking to representatives of unions. This is illegal. We ask that you take this matter seriously, and bring justice to these workers.