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Will County police and States attorney’s office make boo-boo.

inside source states attorney office: transcripts of 6:45 March 07/08/03 Will county Police

A call came in to the Will County Sheriff’s Office at 6:45 pm the anonymous caller spoke with the on duty officer.
Officer: “Yes. What can I  do for you?”
an anonymous caller “I’m calling to report  my neighbor  Virgil Sith…. He’s hiding Marijuana inside his firewood! the caller stated, I Do not  know how he puts it inside the logs, but he’s hiding it there and they are in the shed in back of his home.”

The on duty officer reported what he had been told by the caller to his superiors, So today march 9th 2007, the Sheriff’s Deputies and the States attorney descend on Virgil’s home in the 1400 block of Jefferson St in Joliet Illinois. They search the shed out back of Virgil’s home where the firewood was kept, using axes, they busted open every piece of wood in Virgil’s shed, but did not find marijuana. After 3 1/2 hours grilling the suspect Virgil Sith, Not finding no probable cause for arrest, they sneer at Virgil and leave.
Shortly after the Police and the States attorney left, the phone rings at Virgil’s home. The states attorney and one Will county officer was now enforcing a wire tap on Virgil’s home 3 blocks away; the Unknown caller said:

“Unknown caller (whispering)…. Did the Sheriff  show up.

Virgil: Yea and they brought the States attorney too?”

Unknown caller: “What did they do”? 

Virgil: They came with a warrant and busted up all of my wood in my shed and I don’t know why?”

Unknown caller: “Well I told you I would help you with that job of splitting the wood!” “Happy Birthday,  buddy!”


Note this just a joke and never really happened“.

Elect me ohhhh….Elect me.

 Turner claimed he telephoned attorney Richard J. Kavanagh at the lawyer’s home and engaged in a “lengthy discussion” regarding deficiencies in Bozen and Fracaro’s nominating papers and his legal options in regard to them.

Turner asked that Kavanagh and lawyers in his firm, as well as Chicago attorney Michael E. Lavelle and lawyers in his firm, be disqualified from representing Bozen or Trivedi, due to a conflict.

Meantime, The voters suffer thru the baby games, I guess that this is being treated like some little school yard fight, What’s next, are you going to yell..Quit touching me.

Listen to:  Scott Slocum 

In no way is Scott Slocum or WJOL associated with this bog

Best buy rips off customers

With in the last 14 days I purchased a Compaq Pc Vista-SR2150NX from Best buy in Joliet IL near Plainfield IL at 3351 Mall Loop Dr, Phone# (815) 609-0771. fax# (815) 609-2802

The PC  was sold to me as new but when I opened the box, I found that the PC was damaged, the upper left corner was cracked and the front door of the DVD writer would not open. I tried to return this defective product to the store but In doing so I was denied because of the damage that apparently happened at the factory. In the past I worked in a manufacturing plant, I know how they do it, if something is damaged they still put it a box and send it out to the customer and let the customer deal with the problems.

The store manager Tim Told me that the damage was caused by me, I paid $404.00 for this piece of junk and I paid cash for it, Yes I will admit that I got mad at the fact that this company that I have been shopping at for years would not give me back my money, sorry to say but I was justified in my actions. Tim the manager said to me that it had to be returned in New or Like new condition, that leaves that open to the discretion of the store. I was told by the manager that because I was mad that he was going to call the police, so I helped him out and called the police my self, before the police arrived. The manager Tim was basically acting like I was some criminal for me wanting my money back. Tim the manager, a guy that seems to me and many other customers that were standing in line to just be a company flunky that would do anything to anybody just to have the title as manager.    

I don’t know about you the readers but I have to work very hard for my money and this is the first thing that I ever had to return in the last 10 years. I guess this is how these companies do their customers, sell you Junk and then make you keep the junk that was purchased.

When the 2 Officers from the Joliet police department showed up at the Best Buy store I was told this is a civil matter and that I should take this to court, I don’t have millions of dollars to fight this in court so I guess that I am stuck with a PC that was broken when I bought it.

What I find ironic that if you do get a refund from Best Buy, if it is over $250.00 you have to wait 10 days to get a check mailed to you and then wait 3-5 days for the bank to clear this check, so I would have to wait up to 15 days for something I paid cash for in the first place.

I told this manager that I would blog about this, and he told me that he didn’t care and that I should call 1-800- BEST BUY, do you the readers think that it doesn’t matter as the manager Tim thinks! What does this say about the management team at Best Buy “screw us consumers”.

From now on I will drive farther to go to FRY’s Electronics… I will try calling best buy but I don’t see my self getting my money back. Do You?

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Is Joliet City Council all talk and no action.

Back in the 70’s I lived in what is known now as The Evergreen apt and back then it was a great place to live, as a kid I had a lot of fun there, but now it is a cesspool.

Today any time of the day or night you can purchase crack, weed, meph, get robbed and get sex all in one house of debauchery.

John Mezera and the Joliet City council needs to get tough on the Evergreen terrace and its owners.

What message will it send to them that obey the law if the city council goes soft and gives up on the attempt to shut down the Evergreen apts.

The message will be clear: soft on crime and never finish what they start.

Ahh!! sounds about right don’t it..

The property that this place sits on could be utilized better as a home for battered women, a city civics center or any thing that would send a positive message to people of Joliet and to Will County.

Just think what these movie companies that have come to Joliet over the past few years have said about Joliet and think what new visitors to Joliet think on what they see when they have to go past the Evergreen apts leaving the the casino.

What is this place really costing the people of Joliet, describing it as Sec 8 housing further diminishes its image and lowers the surrounding property values and all the while there are them that would also have us believe that this place is ok as it is, It is time to clean house and it is time for the city to push the broom.

I say to the city council Get Er’ DID and stop just talking about it.

Manager sells drugs
Joliet officials have objected to a request by Evergreen Terrace’
Evergreen report Hud .pdf
Will county Report
Neighborhood watch group (McIlhenny Company)