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Joliet council use your heads for more then a hat rack

Joliet wants to waste money to fight Silver Cross, Joliet should take every one of those dollars set aside for legal battles and invest them in tranforming Joliet, Joliet should look into how to utilize the current Silver Cross land on the city’s East Side.

I say if Silver Cross wants to go then let them go, makes no differance to me and many others in the area.

Joliet must want to waste money for political reasons. Waste not want not…..

New Lenox better ReThink the situation.

If you think Rt 30 is bad to drive on now wait till I-355 ext becomes a reality.

New Lenox is about to become a driving nightmare if the city of New Lenox Illinois puts a Wal-Mart where Wal-Mart is looking to place their store, “NOW” that would cause the roads to have to be expanded and future tax increases to New Lenox residents, this would cause undue stress of business and property owners along Rt 30 and loss of parking for businesses also.

This would then have the snowball effect of causing businesses to close or relocate maybe along Rt 6 and cause loss of tax dollars to New Lenox and give tax dollars to Joliet, Lockport or Mokena if the businesses choose to relocate in these towns.

I know quite a few business owners in New Lenox; well to put it bluntly they would relocate out of New Lenox pending the decision of New Lenox and Wal-Mart, some already have plans to relocate.

It is common sense if the city costs the businesses money they will move and they will take their tax dollars with them, what about the jobs that will be lost and the pay checks of their employees. Where is the tax dollars gone then?

If Mayor Mike and the rest of the city council goes thru with their plans it would cause great damage to the small town charm of New Lenox while costing many in New Lenox in property values and higher taxes, I know I would not want to live that close to a Wal-Mart store how about you?

To many of us work out of town, I have to drive thru New Lenox to go home, I spend 1 hour in the evening driving home an 30 min going to work, If this plan goes thru I may spend even longer during my daily drive, this then reduces the time I have with my family and it could severely affects home life.

Time to ReThink.