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Looking for answers…In Joliet

Where is the politicians going with Joliet, January 1st 2008 we are to obey the new law of “No” smoking in public places.

Now isn’t this something else to make businesses abandon Joliet again. When leaving the Windy City for Joliet, Illinois, You see that Joliet has deteriorated under the current and previous politicians of Joliet Illinois. 

Joliet has turned into a dying hole on the map, lately Joliet has added old time gas pumps on street corners to add ambiance of Rt 66 to the non-laughable joke of Joliet being brought back to what it once was in the past.

The commercial areas around the train station have become stagnant as well as most businesses have also, most businesses in Joliet that were family owned are now gone to the winds.  What have we become the new generation trash man tax payers at work, “The goal should be to find a way to retrain and sustain Joliet and Will County’s work force,” I say “aggressive training initiative to retrain the work force should be a demand made by Joliet residents.”  “In Joliet, we have two hotels and they’re not faring well at all especially in the downtown area. Our motels are inadequate, our restaurants are dying, our taverns, our parking lots, the food vendors, and the real estate values have fallen, all of these things are not in good financial health, yet Joliet is trying to look toward a great influx of money, of people, through a very limited medium of riverboat gambling and future homes that may or may-not be built. Riverboat gambling has not met the criteria set forth by Illinois legislators when they sold this idea to the citizens of Joliet Illinois. “It’s illogical to expect casino customers to leave the premises and spend money in nearby stores, restaurants, or bars.” And this hurts local economy and hurts property owners. The economic development we have seen was marginal at best; it has not spurred economic development. It has not created jobs. It has not boosted tourism, and it certainly has not brought new life to Joliet or Will County.

Bring in a gambling venture, and it sucks the dollars out of other areas of discretionary spending just like the employing of illegals in American businesses do also. But what do I know, I guess my eyes lie to me and my hearing must be defective too when it comes to listening to the bullshit the local politicians are spouting daily, we hear the words of encouragement yet we see nothing coming as proof, Joliet is now viewed as a modern-day Slum and the local politicians are its slumlords trying to put a band-aid on the real problems.   No one seems to be thinking about good paying jobs or what we can do to attract businesses to the area; I have been to council meetings and been to web sites like  and  Joliet – Incentives and Grants  “Joliet and Will county government leaders are failing because of technology, market share and City and County reach, increasingly complex moving exponentially faster each day.” The dinosaurs we have in office now are falling behind while other areas are growing and leaving us behind. When you have political leaders that can’t even answer there own email how can the same political leaders bring prosperity to Joliet and Will County?

Route 66 Garbage tour come and see how Joliet looks compared to your town.

Joliet Kicks on Route 66.

On June 2, the city, the City Center Partnership and the Joliet Area Historical Museum will celebrate Joliet’s ties to the Mother Road with a sock hop, ice cream parlor, classic cars, the movie “Grease,” Blues Brothers impersonators and, yes, the hand jive, But what and who is going to have to pay for this Joliet celebration, don’t get me wrong I am all for a party but when Joliet is in such bad condition and the primary road Rt 66 is in such disrepair what will incoming visitors think of Joliet.

Garbage is strewn about the area, Joliet IL looks very unkept “It’s a community effort” but an effort that adds to more damage to already failing roads and adds tons of garbage along the roadways and embarrasses people that try to keep things tidy in their neighborhoods yet The city of Joliet is inviting people to come see our messy home which is Joliet IL

The state’s tourism bureau estimates 300,000 people, many of them from other countries, They are looking for what is quintessentially American and is the message we want to send to foreign visitors “that we live in a dump”

See Joliet

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