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Will County GOP, Illinois

Will County GOP Chairman Dick Kavanagh has been getting a lot of heat over a vote he made last week at the county convention. Numerous committeemen expressed their outrage on Illinois Review’s post “Uproar at Will County GOP Convention” that Kavanagh chose to vote for the precincts without elected GOP committeemen, turning the committeemen’s choice upside down. Kavanagh’s vote re-elected his favored candidate — 11th CD’s Bobbie Peterson — back into her spot on the IL GOP’s State Central Committee. The committeemen had voted overwhelmingly for Corey Singer, but when Kavanagh exercised his right to vote the non-represented precincts, the election went to Peterson. IR ran into Kavanagh at the Bill Brady kickoff in Addison Sunday, so we asked him his thoughts about the brewing controversy. “You’re getting a lot of heat about what happened last Wednesday,” we said… “I don’t care,” Kavanagh said. Voting for non-represented precincts is in the IL GOP’s rules, it’s legal and Ms. Peterson was his choice over challenger Corey Singer, he said. “And anyway, I announced my plans to vote those votes the month before, they knew what I planned to do ahead of time. No one said a word about it until after it was over.” The rules have been in place for 35 years, he said, but perhaps there needed to be changes made, especially when the congressional districts overlap into Cook County. There IL GOP township commiteemen vote for the precinct captains, he said. Perhaps that should be addressed in the future. “There’s no regrets about what happened last Wednesday,” Kavanagh said.

Pence Calls on Pelosi to Reveal Special Deals in Health Care Bill

Watch Rep. Mike Pence (IN) talking health care on “Hannity”:

Joliet down town condo’s

JOLIET — City Councilman Timothy Brophy is working as a real estate agent for a downtown condominium project that received a package of incentives last month.

Brophy abstained from a vote on the incentives and did not comment as the council discussed the project, which has had city support since 2007.

Seems to me that this is going to be the biggest waste of Brophy’s and the rest of the city councils time, time that could be utilized to obtaining commitments of maybe employers bringing jobs to Joliet Illinois. Who the hell wants to live in a condo in Joliet to begin with, Look Crabigales closed and many others are just hanging by a thread in this economy.

What Brophy and the rest of the council should do is? ‘” Do what they was elected to do” Get Jobs for Joliet and get employers to come here by lowering taxes, we have a great labor base that is sitting doing nothing in this economy….Brophy’s and the Joliet city council head has been there  ass for to long, maybe they should just cut a big fart and dislodge it.

Condos near Evergreen terrace…What a laugh. Is there Tax dollars for this? How would condo owners like to see Section 8 housing right across from them and the crime that goes along with it.

Local officials against swine flu ?

Joliet-area officials struggle to warn area residents about the health scare without stirring widespread panic due to political correctness.

Joliet Illinois schools in Will County school districts  spent Monday not notifying parents about the potential risks in the area that has Mexican illegals with strong links to the country where the virus originated, Jumping the border is the cause for Illinois infections, the virus has infected at least 48 people in five U.S. states, none of them fatally as of yet.

A major concern  has resonated but lack of officials concern has cause me to worry, why not advised parents to monitor their children’s health, With 45 percent of the Joliet Illinois school’s having 25,000 students either Mexican illegals or Mexican born Americans, teachers  should be asking parents if their families have traveled to Mexico recently.

local officials have down played the severity trying not to cause fear,  Despite the fact that several reports have indicated that U.S. swine flu patients had recently traveled to Mexico,

local officials and school leaders have chosen to ignore that, we’re doing nothing to stop them from coming across the border.

Let them hold a Cinco de Mayo parade in Joliet and all around Illinois communities, we have no right to good health as it seems to me and it would be par for the course .  It seems again they have  put party politics ahead of the welfare of the very people they are paid so generously to represent, If we have a swine flu pandemic in America, the Politicians are entitled to a great deal of the blame.. Cheap labor and Germ warfare great way to get rid of us unemployed American voters that Elected these pieces of crap.

lately 23 states are now experiencing cases of Chagas a South American disease causing heart failure, intestinal problems and ultimately death but that’s OK right?…. lets do nothing, lets be politically correct and sensitive to people that have no caring for our well being.

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Da little politician cry’s foul

Dean Tomich, who donated $500, regularly asks (and receives) zoning variances for projects he develops within the city limits. Churnovic reimbursed himself many hundreds of dollars for meals, airplane tickets, and hotel rooms. One reimbursement for $480  Polititions

Dax Young – Crest Hill Resident 

From the herald Spew News by  BOB OKON The date of the candidates’ forum, the location of the forum and the format for the forum were fodder for a lengthy and emotion-filled discussion during the council’s workshop session Monday.

Sam Chellino, president of Crest Hill Community Television, expressed indignation at being called “crooked” at a previous council meeting.

Alderman Charles Convery accused the TV group of trying “to play God” by exerting too much control over the forum.

And Alderwoman Tina Oberlin voiced concern that someone might use their five minutes on TV to “go on a vile rant.”

“If someone wants to take their five minutes and blast their opponent, that’s their decision,” offered Alderman Ray Soliman, a candidate for mayor. He added that he would not do that.

As the debate dragged on for nearly an hour, Mayor Nick Churnovic asked, “Who wants the candidates’ forum at this point?”

But then he concluded, “If anybody wants to show up, they can show up. If anyone doesn’t want to show up, they don’t have to show up.”

“I’m not doing it — not with their format,” Alderwoman Brenda Lelis said. 

Alderman John Vershay eased the tension at one point with a tongue-in-cheek defense of the five-minute format.

“You have to sell yourself to the people. What’s the big commotion? It’s a salesman’s job. Who’s got the biggest line of B.S.? And, here I am,” Vershay said, rising to his feet and raising his voice. “I’ve got it.”

How many rental properties does Nick have in Ward I? No wonder the push for the TIF district… Sec 8 housing, low property values, to many similarities to Joliet.

               The Political Pulse: Churnovic Wants Stimulus – Mon, 16 Mar 2009 12:09:55 GMT

You have to spend money to get money to qualify for some federal stimulus funds.
              Mudslinging Prompts Crest Hill Debate Changes – Thu, 12 Mar 2009 02:50:25 GMT

The usual candidates’ debate for the Crest Hill city election was called off when the moderator pulled out.

 Allied Waste Contributed $500 to ChurnovicFri, 20 Feb 2009 02:31:15 GMT

I searched through the State Board of Elections tonight and found this contribution.Allied Waste Services 808 South Joliet Street Joliet, IL 60436 $500 11/20/2007 Individual Contribution Committee to Re-Elect Mayor Nick Churnovic

Considering the $5 million contract the city approved this week, I think this has to be something the mayor should address.

Mr. Mayor, how is this not pay-to-play when there was no bidding on the contract?

Crest Hill Awards Garbage Contract Without Bids – Thu, 19 Feb 2009 04:42:45 GMT

Last night the City Council voted to award a five year contract to Allied Waste for garbage, recycling and yard waste collection. Bids from other companies were not sought before this contract for in excess of $5,000,000 was awarded.
Paper: Churnovic Made 44 Violations to City’s Ethics Ordinance – Thu, 05 Mar 2009 21:49:26 GMT

Between November 2007 and December 2008, the Committee to Re-Elect Mayor Nick Churnovic accepted 32 contributions and made 12 expenditures over city’s ethics rule.

(I guess I am a mudslinger says: JolietJake as well as anybody with an opinion is, LOL.)

Crest Hill Illinois TIF districting

 256px-Crest_Hill_City_Hall The work session  did not shed much additional light on the proposed TIF district.  The Mayor introduced the idea of TIF districts by saying that he has seen them used by surrounding communities and that there are consultants who are willing to meet with the city without charge to discuss the matter.  No indication was given of what areas were being considered for inclusion in a TIF district.  A work session is planned for March when consultants will come and discuss TIF districts in greater detail.  The superintendents of both elementary school districts were invited to the meeting and have asked to continue to be involved in all discussions.  This is an important step since TIF districts can have significant impacts upon the schools.  One citizen stood up to voice his opposition to TIF districts that are used improperly because of the tax impacts that they can have on the rest of the city.  This was a very healthy start to the discussions of a TIF district even if no specifics were offered.  I hope that the Council keeps the schools as well as the citizens involved and do not just listen to the consultants who have a financial interest in creating TIF districts.  As more information becomes available, I will share it as well as giving my analysis of any proposals, if the TIF comes under the guidance of Ray Simplinski that is currently running for mayor then the TIF districts will be utilized in a manor that will benefit all of the Crest Hill residents if tricky Nick is Re-Elected then all could lose.  Brian McDaniel 

Ray Solomon used to be called TV Ray due to his need to be on TV….makes you wonder what his ideas are.


Despite ritualistic screeches of protests from the Obama campaign, the ties between Barack Obama and the tainted ACORN organization run deep.

And in a new web ad, the McCain-Palin campaign tells the story of ACORN, the group that in just the past week has been accused of registering thousands of non-existant voters in over a dozen states. These “new voters” live in traditionally Democratic areas.

Philadelphia blogger Skye of Midnight Blue has a couple of Fox News videos about alleged ACORN-related criminal activity, including one incident in Crown Point, Indiana. Civil servants there have gotten wiser since John Dillinger escaped from its county jail in 1934.

Closer to Skye’s home, guess what? ACORN is involved in suspicious registration activity in Pennsylvania.

Speaking of criminals, it’s believed that The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, commonly known as “RICO,” is named for the fictional mobster Rico Bandelli, brilliantly played by Edward G. Robinson in the film Little Caesar.

After getting mortally wounded, Rico cries out, “Mother of mercy, is this the end of Rico!?”

Is a RICO suit headed ACORN’s way?

Mother of mercy, is this the end of ACORN!?

One can hope.

eminent domain bill

Illinois Senate Bill 2063 passed the Senate and is now in the House Rules Committee. Section 6-15(d) of this bill gives politicians the power to take your house and property by eminent domain proceedings any time they want and pay you what ever they deem fair. You only have 120 days to get off of your property. It is called “quick take” — and this, my friends, is communism.

More than 500,000 GIs died or were wounded and billions of your dollars were spent to try to stop communism in Korea and Vietnam. Now it is sneaking in our back door.

Tell your friends about the bill and watch the papers for the final public hearings on it. It could pass in the November veto session. The bill is sponsored by Sen. Debbie Halvorson, D-Crete, and in the House by state Rep. Lisa Dugan, D-Bradley. It is also supported by Will County Executive Larry Walsh and the Will County Board.

Remember, young people who can’t vote will suffer from this law.

We can stop it. Write or call your legislator now.

Bob Carter

Halvorson’s congressional campaign spokesman now says she’s ready to “revisit” SB 2063. No kidding…

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