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Obama is like a sheet of toliet paper.

10 thing obama won’t say:

1. It’s not Bush’s fault. I’ve been your President for almost two years. If you want to be angry at someone, I’m your man.

2. I was wrong. I took your money, billions of dollars of it. And you don’t have the jobs to show for it. Nothing was shovel-ready, and unemployment is well over 8%. My approach didn’t work, and I’m changing course to make things right.

3. They’re not isolated extremists or man-caused disasters. They’re violent, lethal terrorists who want to kill Americans and destroy everything we stand for. When it comes to defeating terrorism, all options are on the table.

4. America is exceptional in a way that no other country is. We have proudly been the leader in protecting liberty around the world, and I’m honored to be Commander-in-Chief of this “one nation under God.”

5. It’s time to repeal and replace. It’s clear that Americans want health care reform. It’s also clear that you don’t want the law we’ve built. I respect the will of the people, and I’m ready to go back to the drawing board.

6. Throwing the word ‘racist’ around is irresponsible. It’s a serious word with serious implications that should be reserved for legitimate cases. Media, that doesn’t include labeling everyone who disagrees with me a racist.

7. People have been taxed enough already. That includes joint filers earning $250,000 or more a year. It also includes individuals earning $200,000 or more a year, some of whom likely worked many eighteen-hour days making practically nothing to get where they are today. It’s time to put your money back in your hands. That’s why I’m extending the Bush tax cuts for everyone.

8. There’s nothing unclear about the word ‘illegal.’ To condone illegal immigration is to condone breaking the law. I stand with Governor Brewer.

9. Peace through strength is the only answer. The world is a safer place when America is strong. It is my number-one priority to keep her that way.

10. The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. It’s time for the federal government to take a step back, perform the jobs it is constitutionally meant to do, and get the heck out of your way. Your Constitution is like toilet paper, tear it apart piece by piece soon you don’t have enough to wipe your ass effectively.

Democrats and the stupidity they represent.

People really amaze me, they challenge my faith because of my choice in candidates, and they challenge my loyalty to my country because I think that people should have to work for a living. They call me a racist for me standing up for my rights; do I deny you health care and or housing? NO I do not..The arrogance of lazy people to actually think that I need to break my back to pay for all of these social programs, people in this country are angry. Tea Parties, The Birthers, and bloggers, this is a deep and visceral anger that is beyond reason. You can show the Pro’s to social programs all you want but facts are facts “People are tired of being the working /walking pay check for these “programs”.

Somebody Make It Stop !!!!

Council may vote to cut pay for incoming members

By Mary Owen TribLocal reporter September 23, 2010 at 11:58 a.m.

The Joliet City Council could vote next month on a 5 percent pay cut for all incoming council members who are elected in April in an effort to save tax dollars.

The Finance Committee voted this week to make the recommendation. The committee’s chairman, Tim Brophy, who is running for re-election in the 2nd District, had proposed the 5 percent cut in the past two city council meetings.

“I think it’s important that the council makes a statement about what’s going forward,” said Brophy, who was appointed Tuesday as chair of the committee, replacing Tony Uremovic, who retired from the council in late August. “We’re going to have to start with ourselves. Call it grandstanding. Call it leadership.”

City council members earn $20,000 a year. Current council members would not be affected, until re-election, according to the recommendation. City ordinance prohibits changes in pay for sitting members. The council’s five district council members are up for re-election April 5.

Brophy also suggested at-large council members, who are not up for re-election, could voluntarily give up 5 percent of their salary.

The city is facing a $30 million budget deficit as they enter their budget process for the 2011 fiscal year. A final budget is expected to be finalized in December.

In a past city council meeting, Councilwoman Jan Hallums-Quillman, who is running for mayor, suggested a 10 percent salary cut. She attended the finance committee meeting and suggested council members be paid per meeting. But, committee members decided that would be difficult to calculate since council members attend various committee meetings and have outside obligations.

The city council has two more meetings in October to vote on the issue before early November deadline to affect the incoming council members.

Don’t you just love how they decide to pass the BUCK ???  In this case, the BUCK stays put until WE ( the present council) have left with ours.








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The City of Crest Hill zoning code/closing library

Per our friends at Crest Hill 2010

At the July 12th City Council work session the location for the new Crest Hill branch of the Des Plaines Valley Public Library was announced.  The library board is preparing to buy a parcel of land just north of the Menards along Kubinski Dr. several hundred feet east of Weber Rd.  The library is looking to buy this land as soon as zoning issues can be resolved and then hope to begin construction so that the new library opens in May or June of 2012.

This proposed location has a number of weaknesses and does not appear to be the best site for the new library.  At a minimum a number of issues need to be addressed before the land is rezoned by the city and purchased by the taxpayers of the library district.

The City of Crest Hill zoning code currently allows for libraries only in areas zoned as residential, there is no provision for a library to be built in the middle of a commercial development.  This may simply be a relic of the good old days when no one conceived of a library anywhere besides a residential area.  Or it may be based on some good principles of having a community facility such as a library easily accessible to our citizens and for it to be possible for school children to get to the library without needing to take a car ride.

The library is also looking at a location that is currently planned for commercial development within a major commercial corridor.  This is a property that is meant to generate both property and sales taxes for the city in amounts greater than most other areas of the city.  The library however will generate zero tax dollars for Crest Hill and will cost the city the opportunity to get a revenue generating business into the location.

The third problem is that the library has no plans for the building that it is vacating on Theodore Street.  The City does not need another vacant building along Theodore.  And the library will be a very difficult building to reuse due to the fact that it is not handicap accessible with many steps to the entrance, has not been well maintained, and has very limited parking.

I think all of these issues need to be addressed and can be addressed before the library project moves forward.  The Plan Commission and City Council need to make sure an eager to build library and a cash starved developer do not steam-roll them into ignoring what is best for Crest Hill.

The biggest drawback to being placed in the middle of a commercial development is the lack of non-vehicular accessibility.  Weber Rd. and Caton Farm Rd. have no sidewalks near this development and there are no sidewalks within the development.  Before the zoning code is changed to allow the library to be built here this accessibility issue must be solved.  While I think a library belongs near a residential area, the next best thing is to at least create access to residential areas.  The city needs to require the developer or the library to extend sidewalks or walking/bike paths from the library site to the nearest residential developments in each direction.

The loss of tax revenue from this prime commercial property can be addressed through a Payment in Lieu of Taxes being made by the library.  The lost property taxes at a minimum should be recovered for all of the taxing entities losing out due to the loss of the ability to attract a taxpaying entity to this prime development.  The sales tax loss can probably be assumed to be covered by the library being an attraction that makes people somewhat more likely to shop at nearby stores.  This affect may not even cover the sales tax loss, but it could be a compromise gesture to take sales tax off the table of the library or developer will cover the property tax loss or at least a portion of it due to this being higher than usual value property.

The library can address the Theodore St. property by making some guarantees as to its future status.  They could possibly guarantee that it will be sold to a user who will occupy it within 12-24 months of the closing of the old library.  And that if this is not able to be done because the property is no marketable with the current building, the library will remove the building and regrade the lot to make it more marketable at its own cost and deed it to the city at that time.

All of these options taken together represent a large cost that would be imposed upon the library, however they have brought most of these costs upon themselves by selecting an unconventional site.  We should not let them either impose these costs solely upon Crest Hill either directly or indirectly through the loss of an accessible library, tax revenues, and the addition of a vacant hard to utilize building. There is nothing wrong with negotiating to share these costs between the City, the Library, and the developer.  A solution that shares the benefits and the costs is appropriate.  It is now up to the Crest Hill Plan Commission and City Council to do the right thing and protect the best interests of their citizens.

Joliet down town condo’s

JOLIET — City Councilman Timothy Brophy is working as a real estate agent for a downtown condominium project that received a package of incentives last month.

Brophy abstained from a vote on the incentives and did not comment as the council discussed the project, which has had city support since 2007.

Seems to me that this is going to be the biggest waste of Brophy’s and the rest of the city councils time, time that could be utilized to obtaining commitments of maybe employers bringing jobs to Joliet Illinois. Who the hell wants to live in a condo in Joliet to begin with, Look Crabigales closed and many others are just hanging by a thread in this economy.

What Brophy and the rest of the council should do is? ‘” Do what they was elected to do” Get Jobs for Joliet and get employers to come here by lowering taxes, we have a great labor base that is sitting doing nothing in this economy….Brophy’s and the Joliet city council head has been there  ass for to long, maybe they should just cut a big fart and dislodge it.

Condos near Evergreen terrace…What a laugh. Is there Tax dollars for this? How would condo owners like to see Section 8 housing right across from them and the crime that goes along with it.

An e-mail from a reader!

An e-mail from a reader!

You know that you are going to have a bad day when: 1) You are a politician coming up for re-election and your previously cloaked business dealings have suddenly become local media front page news, 2) When you refuse to answer questions for the media by replying that “I will respond to your questions sometime after the upcoming election is over”, or 3) You don’t even make the personal effort to personally talk to the reporters but instead issue your statement through one of your public relations staffers.

In our Will County Executive’s case, the answer would be “A-B-& C or all of the above.” Just a couple comments for you on today’s article so that you know:

“Every piece of property that we farmed for CenterPoint we had been farming for someone else,” Walsh said;

The real facts: The original buyer of the farm from Steffes Brothers was “not” CenterPoint but instead was a thug and his cohorts that (through threats and intimidation) convinced Steffes Brothers to sell their 370 acre property to them. Granted, they did pay Steffes a fair price but “how” they convinced Steffes to sell their land via intimidation and threats tells you a lot about who this original buyer really is. This thug immediately told Steffes Brothers that they would no longer be allowed to continue farming the land for his group as they had already obtained a new “unnamed” tenant to farm it. Within a year, this thug and his friends “flipped” this piece of property over to CenterPoint’s ownership. CenterPoint has “graciously decided” to allow the new tenant (Larry Walsh & his 3 sons) to continue to farm this land even though Steffes approached CenterPoint with an offer to try to get to farm it again. CenterPoint never made their decision as to who should farm it based on which tenant offered them the most money or the best deal but rather it was decided by the “Who’s Who Listamong the political influence peddlers in Will County. The Steffes family could tell you the name of the thug and his group who leaned on them to sell their farm. This guy’s name pops up on Google for a multitude of other federal investigations and infractions. I looked it up once and saw this. I wish that I could still remember the guy’s name but too much time has passed and my memory fails me. Nice guy to be associated with, huh? Specifically if you happen to hold a public office of trust!

Dan Kennison needs to state that “Walsh and any of his related family members need to make public all the cash-rent agreements AND ANY OTHER financial arrangements that they’ve EVER had with CenterPoint.”

It is my firm belief that this third-party (The Thug) that originally bought this farmland from Steffes Brothers (as well as other huge chunks of land within the former Joliet Army Ammunition Plant for I believe a small dollar amount per acre ($1,000? per acre) conveniently served as a means to cover up the trail (divert attention) and obscure the intended real owner of this property. Former Governor George Ryan (another Illinois politician who is not necessarily known for his public service as much as for his own “self-service’) went out of his way to speed up and aid this whole CenterPoint Land Development deal to go down quickly and quietly.

I invite Larry Walsh to submit an interview to state his point! ( I really don’t expect a response)!

Sheriff Reports 10,000 at New Lenox/Joliet Rally

From our Friends The Tea Party Express

Breaking news from New Lenox/Joliet… the sheriff’s office is reporting to us that the crowd estimate for the rally here is 10,000+ and they are shutting down a portion of Interstate 80 for traffic control do to the massive influx of people.







I was there and the crowd was awesome, we need to stand up and be counted.