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Crest Hill Illinois TIF districting

 256px-Crest_Hill_City_Hall The work session  did not shed much additional light on the proposed TIF district.  The Mayor introduced the idea of TIF districts by saying that he has seen them used by surrounding communities and that there are consultants who are willing to meet with the city without charge to discuss the matter.  No indication was given of what areas were being considered for inclusion in a TIF district.  A work session is planned for March when consultants will come and discuss TIF districts in greater detail.  The superintendents of both elementary school districts were invited to the meeting and have asked to continue to be involved in all discussions.  This is an important step since TIF districts can have significant impacts upon the schools.  One citizen stood up to voice his opposition to TIF districts that are used improperly because of the tax impacts that they can have on the rest of the city.  This was a very healthy start to the discussions of a TIF district even if no specifics were offered.  I hope that the Council keeps the schools as well as the citizens involved and do not just listen to the consultants who have a financial interest in creating TIF districts.  As more information becomes available, I will share it as well as giving my analysis of any proposals, if the TIF comes under the guidance of Ray Simplinski that is currently running for mayor then the TIF districts will be utilized in a manor that will benefit all of the Crest Hill residents if tricky Nick is Re-Elected then all could lose.  Brian McDaniel 

Ray Solomon used to be called TV Ray due to his need to be on TV….makes you wonder what his ideas are.

Freedom or Socialism? Will County Self Governance or Cook County Corruption!

Tomorrow we go to the voting booth to decide among a number of things who will lead our country and how our system of government will change. I grew up in a predominantly Democrat neighborhood. As a matter of fact it was 1.5 blocks south and 2 blocks east of Richard Daley’s home in Bridgeport. The neighborhood I grew up in had a fairly small town feel to it. Many of the people there had lived for generations in the same apartment, everyone knew everyone else, we were more or less poor people, not having the education, or money to gain one that would enable us to actually buy the homes we lived in. My Grandfather Phillip Peter Cleary died in the same apartment he was born in on 34th and Wallace Street. He was a veteran of World War 2, learned to drive a truck in the Civilian Conservation Corps, worked for Lincoln Meat Packing as a driver and he was a good Democrat. My Grandfather believed in America, he fought for those beliefs’ in North Africa, Sicily and at Anzio Beach. He was a part of the “Greatest Generation”! He came back to the neighborhood he grew up in and was involved in the American Legion and on a small scale politics. He was a Democrat ward worker helping to get out the vote and always helping the party he believed worked for freedom and the American Value System. He worked to get out the vote for Richard J. Daley in his first run for Mayor in 1955. 

At this point you are probably asking why I am boring you with this. I believe if my grandfather were alive today he would be disgusted by what has become of his party! It has become a repository for the Socialists and Communists of America.  An organization of intolerance to freedom, if you don’t tow the line you are ostracized and denounced, like Joe Lieberman or Zell Miller. It has become a party that is financially influenced by foreign individuals and organizations like George Soros and, the Open Society Institute and the Council on Foreign Relations, who do not have the best interests of the American People at heart.

Tomorrow we will decide if we want The United States of America to take a substantial swing to the Left and adopt the failed policies of Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Mao Zedong or if we will remain the standard for Freedom in the world.

Another thing we will decide and this will have the most immediate effect on our lives. Do we want to continue the erosion of our influence in what happens in Will County or will we vote for a change in the practices that are dragging our County down. The likes of Larry Walsh, Pam McGuire, Pat O’Neil and James Glasgow are like a stain on the underwear of Will County. It is time we wash our undergarments and feel clean again.  Mr. Walsh has taken substantial amounts of money from people who do business with the county, people he has contracted. He has taken money from those that want little or no supervision to destroy the streets and highways of our County. He is an unrepentant alcoholic who has flaunted and broke the laws of our state and in the process put every citizen of this state in jeopardy by operating a vehicle while intoxicated. mR. Walsh and his buddies are chomping at the bit for Cook County style politics. Pam McGuire has not been able to lead a staff without the corruption of pay offs on tickets and sexual harassment in her office. Mr. O’Neil had to dig up a body to enable him to correctly identify (on the second try) that a murder had occurred. Mr. Glasgow has employed ADA’s that warn family members of pending charges of rape! For some reason we think that this is good Governance. Once again My Grand Father would be disgusted, I’m glad he isn’t here to witness it!   

Kennison statement on smears in Larry Walsh’s fake newspaper, “The Weekly Reporter” Dear Will County voters,

As a Veteran, a Past Commander of an American Legion Post and an active participant in Veterans issues I have a special disgust for those who would denigrate any Veteran for any reason. More times than not this ire is put upon us by those who loathe the idea of serving our Great Country in any capacity in the Military. I just have to believe that this is the case in this instance. Once again Larry and his Cronies have stooped to a new low, the farmer Joins his PIGS in the STY!

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This is my first time running for elected office but I am not new to politics.

Thus, I expected that when I began exposing the corruption and pay-to-play politics I knew existed in Will County Executive Larry Walsh’s Office, Walsh would ultimately send his political attack dogs after me and ratchet up his smear machine.

After I received the endorsements of the major law enforcement unions in Will County(1), I expected desperate acts from Larry Walsh.

But, with Walsh and his Chief of Staff Matt Ryan under FBI scrutiny(2), their desperation and resulting duplicity even surprises me.

Through a fraudulent Will County Democrat newsletter that fronts as a newspaper, Walsh (who is a listed staff member for the periodical–SEE ATTACHMENT BELOW) and his henchmen have made some of the most vicious AND untrue allegations that you can level against someone, accusing me of being dishonorably discharged from the military (I served in the U.S. Air Force from 1976-1980) and accusing me of being a “wife-beater”.

I have campaigned on a commitment to bring transparency to Will County government. So it is in that spirit and with the backing of my family that I respond to these malicious lies so that Will County residents have the facts and they can make up their own minds about what kind of person they want as their County Executive.

I will not allow myself or my family to be beaten up in a back alley by Larry Walsh, by Larry Walsh’s “newspaper”(3) or by Larry Walsh’s political hatchet men. So here we go:

I. Larry Walsh Lie #1

First, regarding my military service, I am not going to play the “he said, he said” game. After this aspersion was cast, I ordered my DD214 from the United States Air Force. The DD214 is my military discharge papers. They should arrive this week. I will post my discharge papers on my campaign website(4), for all to see.

And when I do, I want the record to reflect that Mr. Walsh disrespected me and every other veteran in Will County and in our nation by spewing a lie about my service in order to smear me and score cheap political points with the hope that some would only hear the allegation and never the truth. It is outrageous.

II. Larry Walsh Lie #2

Second, re: the allegation as to my former marriage. Here is the complete story:

My ex-wife Mary and I were married for 11 years. We had one child, our son Tyler.

Within weeks of Tyler‘s birth and throughout the 11-years she was in Tyler‘s presence, Mary suffered from significant mental illness developing first with postpartum depression and then to postpartum psychosis and later to bi-polar disorder. Her depression was and is severe, requiring 10 hospitalizations in 10 years with each stay longer than 25 days.

She has been prescribed multiple drug regimens for years and has been under the care of a doctor for more than 17 years.

In the last year of our marriage, she began hurting herself and family members. I made the decision to divorce.

On the day I told her that I would file for divorce and seek custody of our children, Mary called the Joliet police and claimed that I had battered her. Although there was no such incident and no signs of such incident, I was subjected to the police policy to arrest and separate.

I was not only found innocent of the charge by a Will County Judge but I was granted an “Order of Protection” which prohibited Mary from coming into contact with me or our children.

I was subsequently granted a divorce and custody of our children. Mary was granted only “Supervised Visitation”, requiring that a third party be present in order for her to visit the children. Mary has elected not to exercise her right to that supervised visitation at any time since our divorce.

After being found innocent of the charge Mary had leveled against me, the allegation and complete record were expunged.

I continue to raise Tyler, as I did my other children, in our home in Joliet where we have lived for the past 20 years.

These are the facts. And, again, I have the documentation to back up what I say to be true as well as the most important thing to me: the custody of my children to ensure they are raised as they have been–in a safe, loving home.

I want to add that I did not recount the detail above to embarrass anyone or assign blame. But the above is the truth and I felt I should lay out the facts and let informed Will County voters make up their own minds once presented with all of the relevant information, and not just my opponent’s desperate smears.

I should add one more thing, even after everything our family has been through, I still believe in erring on the side of safety when it comes to domestic violence. That means reporting any such incident. If someone is falsely accused, as I was, the courts can and will sort it out, as they did in my case.

With all of this now explained in painful detail, I also want Will County residents to consider the kind of person who would knowingly print falsehoods of this nature for political gain.

I want Will County residents to consider the kind of person who would, for political gain, cravenly attempt to exploit the serious issue of domestic violence and to, in effect, trivialize the suffering of the many families who have had to deal with actual domestic violence.

It is unconscionable that Larry Walsh and his guns-for-hire would knowingly and purposefully spread a story of this nature that they knew to be false. And, yet, that’s precisely what they have done.

If this is the kind of politics you want, the politics of character assassination, the politics of malicious lies and desperation, then Larry Walsh is your candidate, Will County.

If you reject this sort of politics, then, whether you vote for me or not, please let Larry Walsh and his crew know.

Whether I win or lose this election is less important to me than seeing someone in a position of public trust get away with the brand of malicious deceit practiced by Larry Walsh.

Finally, I have delivered a “cease, desist, and retract” letter to Larry Walsh’s fake newspaper. I plan to follow through with all appropriate legal action against Larry Walsh’s fake newspaper and anyone else who cares to engage in libelous and slanderous conduct against either me or my family.

Thank you for your attention to this information.


Dan Kennison
Your Candidate for Will County Executive

Walsh bad boy soon to be Joliet resident

  • Today I witnessed residents around Joliet removing Walsh campain signs: Jolietjake2008
  • Walsh said the following statements over the last few years: “While I am not disputing the veracity of the reported comments, I don’t believe they accurately reflect the position of the County Executive’s office” 
  • “I don’t think we should try to mislead citizens in that area that we can prevent IDOT from certain activities. Dec. 19, 2006

That guy   from Illinois wrote:

  1. O’ here we go again. Another election year.

I agree with many of the comments and concerns of the bloggers on both sides of the aisle regarding this Larry Walsh issue. But this is happening everywhere. The newspaper selects the questions they want to ask, politicians claim “no comment” or “I don’t know much about this or that but an investigation is underway”, running politicians start slinging mud because they cant hack it in the real world and need to take on ego trip. And when they get elected its business as usual just with different faces. Now, everyone one of the bloggers here have great ambitions, passions etc… of what we expect from our leaders.

FOLKS WAKE UP ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Man is pre-destined left to his own devices he will mess everything up. And politicians for whatever reason ultimately live by this ideology. Nothing seems to be working, but they have plenty of tax dollars to maneuver with to start this or that bogus program for illegal aliens, non-working BY CHOICE people, and pet projects with more pork built into them by the time the budget is applied to the things we need most ITS GONE. Take for example during the Clinton years. Yes, we were left with a huge surplus, but the countries infrastructure was neglected. Money was given to huge businesses to expand operations to offer low prices with inferior products from China to people that have invaded our borders illegally. Yes, people were working more but there was a false sense of financial security developing in our countries financial system. People were getting loans that had no way of paying them back if things got tight which continued into the Bush administration.

Credit card companies were loving the American atmosphere that developed. 18 yr old college students racking up debt to by every me, i, we-pod device and plasma TV out there while mom and dad were blowing money on 0% loans on 50K new vehicles. 50 GRAND FOR AN SUV!!!!! Are you people ever wanting to retire or pay your houses off!!!!! OH BUT THERE IS NO INTEREST AND NO MONEY DOWN. Its a depreciating asset folks what are you thinking.??? The USA went to war on bogus intel (and folks please don’t try to tell me different on this point because I am former military I know what I am talking about when it comes to the 2nd Gulf War to make daddy Bush and Halliburton Corp proud). Uh OH….THE BOTTOM DROPS OUT. HERE IT COMES FOLKS ARE YOU READY???? Energy prices and food prices skyrocket, property taxes skyrocket because of crazy home prices and working Joe 6 pack has to shore it all up. Well Joe 6 pack is running out of money because the illegal cockroaches have gotten it in the form of political subsidies on the democratic side through free health care, unlimited food stamp programs and lets not forget about the poor polar bear that’s going to go extinct if we down drill for our own resources and improve our energy issues within our own borders or the poor bat that’s going to die getting caught up in a wind turbine farm.

That’s another pile of bologna but the lobbyist and lawyers keep getting rich off of your dollar. Oh don’t forget the Republicans now with the utility and military defense buddies taking our fare share as well. The House of Reps and the Senate are all to blame here because all this back and forth creates job security. This is how simple this is folks. We need to overhaul the whole system. Does anyone remember how and why this country got started??? It was all over taxes. The tax situation has gone absolutely nuts in this country and no other services or infrastructure has been enhanced. Its time to say no more. The government cannot function without our tax bills. The bonds are up, the notes are due and they cannot borrow anymore.

Who do they go to…Joe 6 pack in the form of a “bailout or loan” because everything will collapse if its not approved. I am asking everyone to question our local leaders because this it where it starts and lets all band together next June when the property taxes are due and do not pay them. If you like my line of fiscal thinking feel free to write me in for county executive, state senate or house of reps. God Bless us all and to all my brothers and sisters in uniform—STAY SAFE AND COME HOME SOON. Thank you.

written 10/4/2008 2:51 PM CDT on

  1. Watching u guys wrote:
Live by the sword die by the sword. Perhaps you all forget when the FBI came into the county landuse dept,last election based upon false allegations made by some of Walsh’s Manhattan friends against Joe Mikan. I am also sure that a phone call by Walsh to his buddy Dick Durbin didn’t hurt. After the election the subpoenas went away as fast as the ballot boxes. Larry should have hired someone from Will County as his Chief of Staff instead of an old Springfield political worker that happened to be his drinking buddy. I am sure now Jim “I want the power” Mustis and his lap dogs are licking thier chops. Between the County Board and the Executives Office Will County Government is disfunctional. Voters need better leadership from both sides of the political isle.
written 10/4/2008 9:01 AM CDT on


What do you Will County residents think, I think great comments and  good sense.  Comments


Will County Auditor Steve Weber told Scott Slocum that the FBI was in his office regarding the misconduct of a Will County elected official.

Download | Duration: 00:11:35________________________________

Read More…

Larry Walsh-Family and Friends Part 2

This Small Time Back Woods Crook is poison for the County of Will!I
just hope he ends up in Statesville like us average people would!

Matt Ryan might not have taken money from the Smith Family (can you say bull shit) but Larry Walsh has benefited enormously from them!


Smith, Francis J
Occupation: Vice President
Employer: Homestar Bank

1230 N Westshore Blvd
Manteno, IL 60950


Individual Contribution
Committee To Elect Lawrence Walsh

Smith, James P
Occupation: President
Employer: Smith Dawson & Andrews

3339 Stephenson Place NW
Washington, DC 20015


Individual Contribution
Committee To Elect Lawrence Walsh

Smith, Michael D
Occupation: Lobbyist
Employer: Cornerstone Government Affairs

3104 Rodman Street NW
Washington, DC 20003


Individual Contribution
Committee To Elect Lawrence Walsh

Smith, Michael D
Occupation: Lobbyist
Employer: Cornerstone Government Affairs

3421 Morrison Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20015


Individual Contribution
Committee To Elect Lawrence Walsh





eminent domain bill

Illinois Senate Bill 2063 passed the Senate and is now in the House Rules Committee. Section 6-15(d) of this bill gives politicians the power to take your house and property by eminent domain proceedings any time they want and pay you what ever they deem fair. You only have 120 days to get off of your property. It is called “quick take” — and this, my friends, is communism.

More than 500,000 GIs died or were wounded and billions of your dollars were spent to try to stop communism in Korea and Vietnam. Now it is sneaking in our back door.

Tell your friends about the bill and watch the papers for the final public hearings on it. It could pass in the November veto session. The bill is sponsored by Sen. Debbie Halvorson, D-Crete, and in the House by state Rep. Lisa Dugan, D-Bradley. It is also supported by Will County Executive Larry Walsh and the Will County Board.

Remember, young people who can’t vote will suffer from this law.

We can stop it. Write or call your legislator now.

Bob Carter

Halvorson’s congressional campaign spokesman now says she’s ready to “revisit” SB 2063. No kidding…

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phone polls and politicians

Today I got a weird phone call I know it was related to re-electing Debbie Halvorson, during the phone call I was asked many questions pertaining to Halvorson and just a few questions relating to Ozinga, at no point should I be asked My name or my address but low and behold I was asked both.

I would also suggest to them that conduct these phone polls and politicians do not use people that are hard to understand trying to speak English relating to our elections, To me it sounded like I was speaking with a Hindu. Just on that basis I would not vote for Halvorson, her party can not even hire Americans to man a phone bank, makes me wonder what her stance is on hiring Americans would be. Oh and by the way I am not voting for Ozinga either.

Lets use illegal’s to get American votes. NO Habla my Vote…Or what ever country the polititions hire these people from.