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Freedom or Socialism? Will County Self Governance or Cook County Corruption!

Tomorrow we go to the voting booth to decide among a number of things who will lead our country and how our system of government will change. I grew up in a predominantly Democrat neighborhood. As a matter of fact it was 1.5 blocks south and 2 blocks east of Richard Daley’s home in Bridgeport. The neighborhood I grew up in had a fairly small town feel to it. Many of the people there had lived for generations in the same apartment, everyone knew everyone else, we were more or less poor people, not having the education, or money to gain one that would enable us to actually buy the homes we lived in. My Grandfather Phillip Peter Cleary died in the same apartment he was born in on 34th and Wallace Street. He was a veteran of World War 2, learned to drive a truck in the Civilian Conservation Corps, worked for Lincoln Meat Packing as a driver and he was a good Democrat. My Grandfather believed in America, he fought for those beliefs’ in North Africa, Sicily and at Anzio Beach. He was a part of the “Greatest Generation”! He came back to the neighborhood he grew up in and was involved in the American Legion and on a small scale politics. He was a Democrat ward worker helping to get out the vote and always helping the party he believed worked for freedom and the American Value System. He worked to get out the vote for Richard J. Daley in his first run for Mayor in 1955. 

At this point you are probably asking why I am boring you with this. I believe if my grandfather were alive today he would be disgusted by what has become of his party! It has become a repository for the Socialists and Communists of America.  An organization of intolerance to freedom, if you don’t tow the line you are ostracized and denounced, like Joe Lieberman or Zell Miller. It has become a party that is financially influenced by foreign individuals and organizations like George Soros and, the Open Society Institute and the Council on Foreign Relations, who do not have the best interests of the American People at heart.

Tomorrow we will decide if we want The United States of America to take a substantial swing to the Left and adopt the failed policies of Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Mao Zedong or if we will remain the standard for Freedom in the world.

Another thing we will decide and this will have the most immediate effect on our lives. Do we want to continue the erosion of our influence in what happens in Will County or will we vote for a change in the practices that are dragging our County down. The likes of Larry Walsh, Pam McGuire, Pat O’Neil and James Glasgow are like a stain on the underwear of Will County. It is time we wash our undergarments and feel clean again.  Mr. Walsh has taken substantial amounts of money from people who do business with the county, people he has contracted. He has taken money from those that want little or no supervision to destroy the streets and highways of our County. He is an unrepentant alcoholic who has flaunted and broke the laws of our state and in the process put every citizen of this state in jeopardy by operating a vehicle while intoxicated. mR. Walsh and his buddies are chomping at the bit for Cook County style politics. Pam McGuire has not been able to lead a staff without the corruption of pay offs on tickets and sexual harassment in her office. Mr. O’Neil had to dig up a body to enable him to correctly identify (on the second try) that a murder had occurred. Mr. Glasgow has employed ADA’s that warn family members of pending charges of rape! For some reason we think that this is good Governance. Once again My Grand Father would be disgusted, I’m glad he isn’t here to witness it!   

Walsh-Friends and Family Program

Will County

Land Use


Reports directly to

Larry Walsh

19901 Brown Road

Mr. Walsh is the man in charge when it comes to protecting and enhancing the public health, safety and welfare by effective land use planning,
regulation, and enforcement.”

But the law does not apply if you are on the:

“Walsh – Friends and Family Program”

Mr. Walsh lives in the country. Houses are not packed together and everyone knows everyone’s business. Although Mr. Walsh is responsible for Land Use, Zoning and Code Enforcement; when it comes to his friend and next-door-neighbor, he not only looks the other way but sends him business. Honesty and Integrity in Government? – not if your on the “Walsh – Friends and Family Program”.

The NAZI tactics of James W. Glasgow

                         Vote For James Glasgow or Else!

Vote For James Glasgow or Else!

Who: Jim Glasgow / Joliet Herald/ Art Coote

What: Publicity Whoring

Where: Crest Hill

Story: Several weeks ago there was a blurb in the Joliet Herald about a raid on a Crest Hill residence. It was reported by the Herald that Arthur Coote was arrested in a joint raid on his residence for possession of Stolen Weapons and that Mr Coote was arraigned and booked into the County Adult Detention Facility. The report went on to describe Mr. Coote as having in his possession guns that had been stolen from the 200 block of Illinois St. in Joliet, and that he was in violation of Illinois Law because he was a felon without a FOID card. 

Now for the story the Joliet Herald won’t report: 

Art has since had all charges dropped by a Will County Judge! And the Police Department’s of both Crest Hill and Joliet along with James Glasgow’s STATES ATTORNEYS  office are back pedaling like a spinning class in full over weight house wifes. These Jack booted thugs Man handled a 70 year old woman, treated a hard working productive voter worse than the Crack Head they got the tip from, (for reduced charges) and parted out a citizen’s home in search of anything that could justify their wrong. After taking serial numbers from every item in the home, it has been discovered that Art is a straight up guy and that the only thing that was discovered to be askew are the shotgun and 22 rifle that the Crack Head (an old school chum who he hadn’t seen in years) left there for storage.

My Take: Herr James the reincarnation of Heinrick Himmler loves to see his name and photo in print (all you need to do is look at the glamour photo to believe this). These people have immense power, the power to thrash your home, man handle your mother, Grand Mother, Murder your children (remember Ruby Ridge) throw you in jail, Thrash your home, beat you and, then make you prove your innocence in court (contrary to the constitution). Jimbo loves the power and, is not above using it to advance his career. By the way Art is NOT  a felon and does indeed posses a FOID, this fabrication is owned by the Joliet Herald (Randa is obviously too busy rubbing the udders of subordinates to worry about the truth)! I have to be honest with you the police only do what they are told (or get reassigned to shit duty) this whole Miscarriage of Justice belongs to James Glasgow and the administration of these police departments because they did not give the event the Due Diligence it deserves .

I guess you have to wonder who is next in line to have their house tossed and a 40cal pistol jammed against their head, it could be you it could be me.

The Cure: I think that James Glasgow should Resign it’s apparent he has problems managing his office with, Asst. DA’s tipping friends and family to drug raids and child molestation charges, you have to worry!  I would invite all readers to contact Herr James at 815-727-8453 and register your displeasure. Furthermore I would like to see Art sue the shit out of  the individuals, Cities, Police Departments and States Attorney. Someone needs to put a stop to this Fascism and Re-institute civil rights in this county. These morons let the gang bangers and drug dealers walk free but, bust down the doors of Law Abiding Citizen’s in the attempt to gain front page head lines just to further their careers! As far as the Joliet Herald, once again they have proved the case for their irrelevance in not following up on a story and also in not admiting the sophmoric approach to reporting it has taken in the last 10 years or so. All that Randa is worried about are subscriptions and kick backs from politicians, the Herald missed an opportunity to serve the community and gain some semblance of respectability.