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Will County police and States attorney’s office make boo-boo.

inside source states attorney office: transcripts of 6:45 March 07/08/03 Will county Police

A call came in to the Will County Sheriff’s Office at 6:45 pm the anonymous caller spoke with the on duty officer.
Officer: “Yes. What can I  do for you?”
an anonymous caller “I’m calling to report  my neighbor  Virgil Sith…. He’s hiding Marijuana inside his firewood! the caller stated, I Do not  know how he puts it inside the logs, but he’s hiding it there and they are in the shed in back of his home.”

The on duty officer reported what he had been told by the caller to his superiors, So today march 9th 2007, the Sheriff’s Deputies and the States attorney descend on Virgil’s home in the 1400 block of Jefferson St in Joliet Illinois. They search the shed out back of Virgil’s home where the firewood was kept, using axes, they busted open every piece of wood in Virgil’s shed, but did not find marijuana. After 3 1/2 hours grilling the suspect Virgil Sith, Not finding no probable cause for arrest, they sneer at Virgil and leave.
Shortly after the Police and the States attorney left, the phone rings at Virgil’s home. The states attorney and one Will county officer was now enforcing a wire tap on Virgil’s home 3 blocks away; the Unknown caller said:

“Unknown caller (whispering)…. Did the Sheriff  show up.

Virgil: Yea and they brought the States attorney too?”

Unknown caller: “What did they do”? 

Virgil: They came with a warrant and busted up all of my wood in my shed and I don’t know why?”

Unknown caller: “Well I told you I would help you with that job of splitting the wood!” “Happy Birthday,  buddy!”


Note this just a joke and never really happened“.

Guess who? Art Schultz Jr fixing tickets.

Art Schultz Jr. will be indicted today on felony charges related to an alleged traffic ticket fixing scheme, Schultz Jr. is a son of the Joliet Illinois mayor and a commissioner on the Joliet Park Board.

Wasn’t Art Schultz Jr the court security services coordinator and worked for County Sheriff Paul Kaupas. “Says a lot about Sheriff Paul Kaupas and who is working in his office”

Guess we see what is going on in Will County Ill and it is starting to look all bad from my point of view, how many people were involved actually.

“Yea” we see it in the Herald news now, we are talking about it at the local coffee shop, but I bet all of a sudden we will stop hearing about it and it will go away or he will get a slap on the wrist.

The book should be thrown at Jr and the tickets that were fixed should be reinstated.

All the people involved should be named or would the bleeding hearts in Joliet say that is to harsh or maybe there is more to this then meets the eye or others that don’t want to be named.

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