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Sheriff Reports 10,000 at New Lenox/Joliet Rally

From our Friends The Tea Party Express

Breaking news from New Lenox/Joliet… the sheriff’s office is reporting to us that the crowd estimate for the rally here is 10,000+ and they are shutting down a portion of Interstate 80 for traffic control do to the massive influx of people.







I was there and the crowd was awesome, we need to stand up and be counted.

Kennison statement on smears in Larry Walsh’s fake newspaper, “The Weekly Reporter” Dear Will County voters,

As a Veteran, a Past Commander of an American Legion Post and an active participant in Veterans issues I have a special disgust for those who would denigrate any Veteran for any reason. More times than not this ire is put upon us by those who loathe the idea of serving our Great Country in any capacity in the Military. I just have to believe that this is the case in this instance. Once again Larry and his Cronies have stooped to a new low, the farmer Joins his PIGS in the STY!

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This is my first time running for elected office but I am not new to politics.

Thus, I expected that when I began exposing the corruption and pay-to-play politics I knew existed in Will County Executive Larry Walsh’s Office, Walsh would ultimately send his political attack dogs after me and ratchet up his smear machine.

After I received the endorsements of the major law enforcement unions in Will County(1), I expected desperate acts from Larry Walsh.

But, with Walsh and his Chief of Staff Matt Ryan under FBI scrutiny(2), their desperation and resulting duplicity even surprises me.

Through a fraudulent Will County Democrat newsletter that fronts as a newspaper, Walsh (who is a listed staff member for the periodical–SEE ATTACHMENT BELOW) and his henchmen have made some of the most vicious AND untrue allegations that you can level against someone, accusing me of being dishonorably discharged from the military (I served in the U.S. Air Force from 1976-1980) and accusing me of being a “wife-beater”.

I have campaigned on a commitment to bring transparency to Will County government. So it is in that spirit and with the backing of my family that I respond to these malicious lies so that Will County residents have the facts and they can make up their own minds about what kind of person they want as their County Executive.

I will not allow myself or my family to be beaten up in a back alley by Larry Walsh, by Larry Walsh’s “newspaper”(3) or by Larry Walsh’s political hatchet men. So here we go:

I. Larry Walsh Lie #1

First, regarding my military service, I am not going to play the “he said, he said” game. After this aspersion was cast, I ordered my DD214 from the United States Air Force. The DD214 is my military discharge papers. They should arrive this week. I will post my discharge papers on my campaign website(4), for all to see.

And when I do, I want the record to reflect that Mr. Walsh disrespected me and every other veteran in Will County and in our nation by spewing a lie about my service in order to smear me and score cheap political points with the hope that some would only hear the allegation and never the truth. It is outrageous.

II. Larry Walsh Lie #2

Second, re: the allegation as to my former marriage. Here is the complete story:

My ex-wife Mary and I were married for 11 years. We had one child, our son Tyler.

Within weeks of Tyler‘s birth and throughout the 11-years she was in Tyler‘s presence, Mary suffered from significant mental illness developing first with postpartum depression and then to postpartum psychosis and later to bi-polar disorder. Her depression was and is severe, requiring 10 hospitalizations in 10 years with each stay longer than 25 days.

She has been prescribed multiple drug regimens for years and has been under the care of a doctor for more than 17 years.

In the last year of our marriage, she began hurting herself and family members. I made the decision to divorce.

On the day I told her that I would file for divorce and seek custody of our children, Mary called the Joliet police and claimed that I had battered her. Although there was no such incident and no signs of such incident, I was subjected to the police policy to arrest and separate.

I was not only found innocent of the charge by a Will County Judge but I was granted an “Order of Protection” which prohibited Mary from coming into contact with me or our children.

I was subsequently granted a divorce and custody of our children. Mary was granted only “Supervised Visitation”, requiring that a third party be present in order for her to visit the children. Mary has elected not to exercise her right to that supervised visitation at any time since our divorce.

After being found innocent of the charge Mary had leveled against me, the allegation and complete record were expunged.

I continue to raise Tyler, as I did my other children, in our home in Joliet where we have lived for the past 20 years.

These are the facts. And, again, I have the documentation to back up what I say to be true as well as the most important thing to me: the custody of my children to ensure they are raised as they have been–in a safe, loving home.

I want to add that I did not recount the detail above to embarrass anyone or assign blame. But the above is the truth and I felt I should lay out the facts and let informed Will County voters make up their own minds once presented with all of the relevant information, and not just my opponent’s desperate smears.

I should add one more thing, even after everything our family has been through, I still believe in erring on the side of safety when it comes to domestic violence. That means reporting any such incident. If someone is falsely accused, as I was, the courts can and will sort it out, as they did in my case.

With all of this now explained in painful detail, I also want Will County residents to consider the kind of person who would knowingly print falsehoods of this nature for political gain.

I want Will County residents to consider the kind of person who would, for political gain, cravenly attempt to exploit the serious issue of domestic violence and to, in effect, trivialize the suffering of the many families who have had to deal with actual domestic violence.

It is unconscionable that Larry Walsh and his guns-for-hire would knowingly and purposefully spread a story of this nature that they knew to be false. And, yet, that’s precisely what they have done.

If this is the kind of politics you want, the politics of character assassination, the politics of malicious lies and desperation, then Larry Walsh is your candidate, Will County.

If you reject this sort of politics, then, whether you vote for me or not, please let Larry Walsh and his crew know.

Whether I win or lose this election is less important to me than seeing someone in a position of public trust get away with the brand of malicious deceit practiced by Larry Walsh.

Finally, I have delivered a “cease, desist, and retract” letter to Larry Walsh’s fake newspaper. I plan to follow through with all appropriate legal action against Larry Walsh’s fake newspaper and anyone else who cares to engage in libelous and slanderous conduct against either me or my family.

Thank you for your attention to this information.


Dan Kennison
Your Candidate for Will County Executive

Larry Walsh-Family and Friends Part 2

This Small Time Back Woods Crook is poison for the County of Will!I
just hope he ends up in Statesville like us average people would!

Matt Ryan might not have taken money from the Smith Family (can you say bull shit) but Larry Walsh has benefited enormously from them!


Smith, Francis J
Occupation: Vice President
Employer: Homestar Bank

1230 N Westshore Blvd
Manteno, IL 60950


Individual Contribution
Committee To Elect Lawrence Walsh

Smith, James P
Occupation: President
Employer: Smith Dawson & Andrews

3339 Stephenson Place NW
Washington, DC 20015


Individual Contribution
Committee To Elect Lawrence Walsh

Smith, Michael D
Occupation: Lobbyist
Employer: Cornerstone Government Affairs

3104 Rodman Street NW
Washington, DC 20003


Individual Contribution
Committee To Elect Lawrence Walsh

Smith, Michael D
Occupation: Lobbyist
Employer: Cornerstone Government Affairs

3421 Morrison Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20015


Individual Contribution
Committee To Elect Lawrence Walsh





Will County police and States attorney’s office make boo-boo.

inside source states attorney office: transcripts of 6:45 March 07/08/03 Will county Police

A call came in to the Will County Sheriff’s Office at 6:45 pm the anonymous caller spoke with the on duty officer.
Officer: “Yes. What can I  do for you?”
an anonymous caller “I’m calling to report  my neighbor  Virgil Sith…. He’s hiding Marijuana inside his firewood! the caller stated, I Do not  know how he puts it inside the logs, but he’s hiding it there and they are in the shed in back of his home.”

The on duty officer reported what he had been told by the caller to his superiors, So today march 9th 2007, the Sheriff’s Deputies and the States attorney descend on Virgil’s home in the 1400 block of Jefferson St in Joliet Illinois. They search the shed out back of Virgil’s home where the firewood was kept, using axes, they busted open every piece of wood in Virgil’s shed, but did not find marijuana. After 3 1/2 hours grilling the suspect Virgil Sith, Not finding no probable cause for arrest, they sneer at Virgil and leave.
Shortly after the Police and the States attorney left, the phone rings at Virgil’s home. The states attorney and one Will county officer was now enforcing a wire tap on Virgil’s home 3 blocks away; the Unknown caller said:

“Unknown caller (whispering)…. Did the Sheriff  show up.

Virgil: Yea and they brought the States attorney too?”

Unknown caller: “What did they do”? 

Virgil: They came with a warrant and busted up all of my wood in my shed and I don’t know why?”

Unknown caller: “Well I told you I would help you with that job of splitting the wood!” “Happy Birthday,  buddy!”


Note this just a joke and never really happened“.


It went from a city experiencing high unemployment rates and economic troubles to one of the county’s fastest growing cities. Why the major economic growth spurt?
Officials say it was a casino.

Joliet, Ill., was a city that was dependent on the manufacturing industry. In the early 1980s, the city’s unemployment rate reached 25 percent.
In an effort to revitalize cities in Illinois, state legislators decided to issue 10 licenses to economically underserved areas. The state gaming board picked the locations and Joliet was one of them.

Mayor Art Schultz took office in 1991 and the first casino was built in 1992. He describes the casino as a catalyst and the boost in the arm his city needed. The population increased from 80,000 residents in the early 1990s to about 146,000 in 2006.

Schultz said there wasn’t a lot of opposition about a casino opening up in Joliet.
“We had some downplay on it, but a majority of the people accepted it,” said Schultz.
The changes the city has seen in the last 14 years are incredible, according to Schultz.
The city generates about $3 million a month from the Empress Casino Joliet and Harrah’s Joliet Hotel and Casino.

“Some of the things we used the money for was the NIP (Neighborhood Improvement Program). We built new fire stations, new police stations, and a new minor league ballpark worth $29 million, which draws about 200,000 people a year,” said Schultz. “We have given money for education. We added new police officers, new firefighters and city employees. I can go on and on.”

Since the city started its riverboat gaming, it has given $25 million to nonprofit organizations, built a new museum, water park and library.
“It is all paid for,” Schultz said.

The city has also been able to provide a discount to senior citizens on their water rates and the statistics on crime have gone down in the last five years, according to Schultz.
Joliet Fire Chief Larry Mores said the casinos have been beneficial to not only the entire city but to the fire department.

He said, when Harrah’s casino first opened, the gambling was done on riverboats. Harrah’s hired the fire department’s paramedics to staff its boats around the clock, according to Mores.
“It allowed our personnel to work extra hours so that (the riverboats) had medical care available all the time,” he said.

Since the casinos became land-based they do not have the paramedics at their facilities. The casino runs are incorporated in the fire departments regular runs, according to Mores.
He said the casinos aren’t any more of a demand on the fire department than any other facility that has that type of entertainment and that number of people.
“It didn’t increase our runs significantly more than any other venue of that type,” said Mores.
The fire department did not have to hire additional personnel because the location of the casino was in the middle of city and the fire department already had a couple of stations that provided service to that area, he said.

The biggest benefit the fire department got from the casino was the revenue that was generated and turned over to the city. The additional revenue allowed the fire department to go ahead and purchase some much needed capital improvement items such as fire vehicles and ambulances, according to Mores.

“That has been our most significant impact from the boats being here, the revenue that has allowed us to really improve and buy more modern equipment,” he said. “They definitely have not only helped the fire department but they have really been a great source of revenue for a lot of capital improvements throughout the city. When they came to town, we had dilapidated equipment, and we no longer have the [old] equipment.”

Joliet has two casinos. The Empress Casino is located on Route 6 in an area that is described to be an industrial park. The Harrah’s casino is located in the city center.
“When they first went into Joliet, it had lost all of its economic base. They had a prison and that was about it,” said Jan L. Jones, senior vice president of communications and government relations for Harrah’s.

She said the city has used the funds from the casino to invest back in the community.
“All businesses have thrived in Joliet,” said Jones.
She said Harrah’s was welcomed in Joliet and she said the legislation was different than what is being proposed in Rhode Island.

“They approved 10 licenses and designated the cities,” said Jones. “The legislature determined cities, and then the gaming board selected operators. These were all dying cities.”
Harrah’s Joliet Hotel and Casino has 203 hotel rooms, 43,000 square feet of casino space with 1,200 machines, three full-size restaurants, and a food court area. There are about 200,000 and 250,000 visitors to the hotel and casino, according to Jones.

“It’s pretty amazing. We have always said that we underestimated the potential,” she said. The casino generates about $30 million a month with almost $400 million a year in revenue.
“We funded the two gaming properties in Joliet, built their baseball stadium and the Chicago racetrack,” said Jones. She said the casino also funded the city’s “whole downtown redevelopment.”