Google to plus or not to Plus+

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The early reviews of Google+ (including mine) have been almost uniformly positive — if not glowing. It is a good product, if not entirely original, with some standout features: Hangout, Circles.

In the week and a half since launch many people have enthusiastically embraced it, while others are busy trying to handicap it vs. Facebook and other social sites.

Does Google+ Justify All the Praise It Has Received?

But does Google+ and its Android app (which is good but not the “second coming”) merit the adulation they’ve been getting? I’m not sure; I think there’s something else going on here.

I’ve been somewhat surprised by the almost rapturous enthusiasm among many of the early adopters. There would seem to be more at play than a pure reaction to Google+ features. I sense a strong desire — call it pent up demand –  for a genuine Facebook alternative and/or a meaningful competitive challenge to Facebook.

Google in Role of Social Underdog

Facebook has quickly become the “Microsoft of social networking,” especially following the demise of MySpace. But just as Google made Microsoft into the underdog in search, Google can once again play the underdog to Facebook in social with Google+. It’s strange and paradoxical all the way around because Facebook is for some people a counterweight to the power of Google.

Yet in some quarters of Silicon Valley and beyond it appears that an undetermined number of people are frustrated with Facebook and some of its perceived inflexibility around groups and contact management. This is based on my anecdotal conversations and interactions with people around Google+.

What If the “Cool Kids” Leave the Party?

Among the reactions, Robert Scoble celebrates and is almost giddy over the idea that “Your mom won’t use Google+.” VC Fred Wilson is “rooting for Google+.” And some marketers are equally rooting for Google+.

Professional Facebook observer David Kirkpatrick, author of The Facebook Effect, also lauded Google+. But like Scoble he argues mainstream users won’t abandon Facebook any time soon.

Social networking is partly about utility, partly about silly fun and partly about fashion. If the hipsters and “cool kids” leave the party will others be far behind?

In the near term Facebook realistically doesn’t have much to fear from Google+. But what about the medium and long term? Will it matter if Facebook loses the hearts and minds of the “digerati”?


The Illegal alien rip-off

The children they bring with them get educated and those who don’t speak, read and write English fluently cost 20-40% more to educate than fluent English speakers cost. The children they have here also get educated for free and often aren’t fluent English speakers either. Children from low income families, regardless of legal status here, get two free meals every school day plus free books and free language tutoring when necessary.
They benefit from working at our jobs (driving up unemployme

­nt and driving down wages) and using our natural resources, like clean water and (mostly) healthy food. They get to our jobs by driving on our streets or using our public transporta­tion. They go to emergency rooms rather than going to doctors because they’d have to pay the bills at the Doctor’s office and we pay the emergency room bills. They really don’t help pay for much of any of the services they use every day because many work off the books and those who work on the books don’t earn enough money to pay much in taxes.

They’re not coming here to help us, they’re coming here to benefit off of us and that’s how it works out. They come illegally in their own self-inter­ests but we’re not allowed to enforce our own laws in our own self-inter­ests. There’s no real meaningful dispute of the facts so you general claims that they’re not eligible for benefits or they pay as much in taxes as everyone else (neither are true) and when we post data regarding total costs then some call us hateful names.”

Speaker in da house

Joliet Jake2008 (@jolietjake2008) has shared a Tweet with you:  “SpeakerBoehner: .@wsjopinion: spending binge, red tape, #hcrcostsjobs – Obama Admin policies to blame for struggling economy”

The run

Damn it people we need only 1 candidate to run against obama…stop the bull shit and quit trying to split the vote….stand up we are not fn sheepeople or liberal bitches. IF ya can’t stand the truth then unfriend me lib. (via joliet jake )

The Name is Tax payer

By The Angry Jolietian™                                                                                                                                                                                                  

The Voice of the people is the authority of its nation, men or woman should have no wanton need or desire to pander to other nations for the creation of world governance so that America becomes subservient to the rule of foreign powers.

Who among us has given America her freedoms; it is the men that have died on the battle fields, the men and women of today that continually spill the blood so that we may remain free. There are them among us today that would diminish these freedoms by the mythic social hammer of the race card, the creating of new rights for foreign born illegals, the wanton destruction of America’s economic structure. These are the manifestations of specious government of 2011.

These are the conditions that create an apparent dominance over the American tax payer while diminishing personal liberties; the misruling class of the Liberal factions is not and has never been for equality of America’s people. A liberal government of lies is the head that wears the crown of today, this crown will tarnish under the weight of conservative truth.

 As conservative forces amass fear lingers within the White House, a fear that America’s people are now waking up; -we – the- people- are no longer a blinded nation, the actualities are becoming flawless to Americas possible demise. It is the whole of this nation not the individuals that must be taken care of. We shall no longer hang our head in shame and fear: of fraudulent preached racism, of political correctness or anything that causes stagnation to America’s social or economic competence. We no longer kneel to government or laws that deny our constitutional freedoms. We will pay NO homage to thieves that over tax and spend ours and our children’s futures while creating a gluttonous jurisprudent society of liberal panderers and whiners. We choose to stand and fight for what is Americas and what is ours by the constitution.

A government that creates no prosperity for its people promotes economic disillusioning to its growth. To provoke the American taxpayer with seemingly forced lifetime labor, to enable them that won’t work to be taken care of, while them that will work diligently are forced to pay all the cost, take all the risks is nothing more than pecuniary servitude.

The lefts empowered propaganda promotes the liberal agenda out in the open for all to see; as the liberal cries equality for all, watch the liberals hand retreat from his or her pocket in protection of their assets. The voices of liberalism flies skyward echoing on the wind “forced giving from the wealthy to the poor with hope and change”- with glee the government is set on high like a crack user waiting for that next rock, waiting to pounce on the savers of wealth and the owners of affluence to get that desired fix; if the tax payer is allowed to save money without being taxed upon in any form of tax by the government, this is considered charity by the liberal mind set. The consideration of charity for ones own labor allowing a person to keep what they have worked for, have slaved for, is not only bordering on elitism by liberals, it is narcissistic.

Opposition is now awakening among the tax payers; the movement of the American tax payer is the rejected defiance of governmental dominance, we as a nation can ill afford to surround or selves with forced liberal Garden of Eden politics.

Conservatism is at America’s door knocking, will America answer; we can no longer afford calm judgment in the coming days prior to 2012, this is not a luxury for the working class, the working class must deal in the brutal reality of taxes and a failing economy.

So we speak up now..? Why did we wait..?

Is America on the road to collapse?

Yes we are…the bills are coming due and you are expected to pay.. and pay dearly you will. If we are to be chastised for having money, working, breathing, and raising our families then must we be scourged, severely beaten for not wanting the breaking of our backs for the liberal leaches in government?

The consensus coming from Washington D.C now, debtors prisons for all that fail to pay or can’t pay. This is the new American prohibition; the person that saves for a future must be prosecuted, brought down to a level playing field, the taxpayer must have no say so in this and no rights.

When Gestapo tactics are being used to deplete American citizen’s ability to obtain savings, thus creating wealth, we as a nation fail to shine in the eyes and the hearts of foreign born citizens that choose to come to this country legally, we look weak in the eyes of nations that would and will do America harm. Just standing up and saying “No you can not have my wealth” is just cause for government and liberal judges to condemn the American way of life.  

Why is it America must be the light for the entire world while forcing every last dime from the working mans pocket? The world is laughing at America while we flounder under a liberal enforced debt that no common man, women, or child has made for ourselves, yet, we are the ones that must pay for the insurmountable losses that have taken place since 2008. Liberal anarchy is now.

Should I have the right to walk in your home and take what belongs to you..? NO..!!

Is a 50%, 60% or 100% tax enough, then when is it enough..? Is standing in the food line at your local church your idea of a good time? Paying $4.00 for a gallon of gas while you’re earning $8.25 an hour your idea of how to obtain wealth? Was it your dream to collect unemployment, to beg for a minimum wage job? Do you mind giving up your retirement savings to an overspending government? Is being thrust from your home and out on the streets your American dream….? If you answered YES.. Then sorry to say America is lost with no hope, causation change for the worst.

Are we a nation of freebies for the world? We the taxpayer pays while Washington D.C parties on our dime and refuses to invite us the Tax Payer to the party, Well we are the New American Tea Party and we are going to crash D.C’s party… The new America will rise up…are you ready to join us.

Or are you just waiting for them to pay your way…Who has to break their backs for YOU…..Not me and most certainly not the Tea party.

Helpers of Mother Earth. Indeed !!!

For the life of me I can’t understand how these people think. Helpers of Mother Earth. Indeed!!!

 Is it your intention to breed a society devoid of civilized behavior, where individuals who lack self-discipline are free to run amuck, thereby justifying your existence in which you create an alley for city employees to rape the taxpaying citizens in bogus overtime pay, while at the same time forcing the city to enslave others to perform “volunteer” work that would otherwise be done by said employees?

 In your “noble” venture to clean up after the uncivilized pigs of the world, you obviously failed to take into account the consequences at both ends of your actions.

 By continuing to “remove” the garbage these pigs throw out, you create an excuse for those who lack respect, to continue to throw their garbage all over the place. They will not see it as the insult it should be, but rather the reason to continue. Perhaps your time would be better spent in documenting their lawlessness through photos. In this way, you could post these pictures of the scofflaws on your website, and let the police do their job in arresting them and eventually get them to stop polluting.

 And the reason I put remove in quotation marks, is because it is a fallacy to say you remove anything. To be precise, you simply pile it up and leave your name on it, as though it were some deed worthy of recognition. The simple fact is, if you wish to be seen as doing some worldly deed, why don’t you take a picture of yourselves hauling the trash away? By leaving it for the city to pick up, you are simply advertising the fraud and waste of taxpayers’ money, which you in fact, are perpetuating.

 For the residents of this city, your activity will most certainly require additional taxes to be levied, to pay for not only the city employees, but also for the fuel and equipment to load and haul. And let’s not forget, the additional expense to be paid to the landfill.

 So, if you expect to be glorified for your efforts, I’d suggest you look for private sponsorship in funding your so-called “volunteer” work, because in subjecting the taxpayers to suffer the additional monetary burden on your behalf, your “noble” actions could hardly be considered a worldly deed.