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The Conservative Warrior is “you”

I will not cry for the Liberal as they beg at my feet for handouts, I will defend my right of Constitution and the rights of the American citizen to the same Constitution.

I will not defend the Illegal to the right of Life, Liberty, or the pursuit of happiness. This was guaranteed to the people of United States of America by the blood that has been shed and the …families that have wept for the loss of their past and future children of war. America should never have become the dumping point for the lawless, the Illegal pandering mindless government puppets, or the Liberal mind set.

Do we defend her today..?? or do we run with our tails between our legs like rats deserting a ship. Look about you facebook friends, look at the children at your table, look at the parents that gave till it hurt that you call Mom and Dad. Do you allow them to be casualties of the Obama nation….

The Obamanation..the war has begun.

Are we United in this fight for 2012 or are we to bicker like little children on the playground, “man up people” if America is allowed to become a Ghost, a whimper in the night, where will you then call home. And then ‘Who’s ya daddy now”

Illinois Democrats Refuse to See the Light

With the help of  American Action Network, we here at the Watcher are asking these congressional leaders to respond to our question;

How do you plan to cut spending, reform entitlements and balance the budget without raising taxes??!!!

 Times are tough. Ongoing high unemployment and increasing prices for things like food and gasoline are putting an enormous financial strain on Americans families and business. If we don’t balance our budgets, families lose their cars and homes and small businesses go under, so we work hard every day to make ends meet.

Washington should be no different. Federal spending is out of control, deficits continue to grow and countries like China gain more financial leverage over us by the day, but our representatives seem reluctant to make the hard choices we make every day. It’s time for Washington to work hard to make ends meet.

On Friday, April 15 Congress took the first real step toward fiscal responsibility by passing Rep. Paul Ryan’s 2012 budget plan. This legislation will cut spending, reform entitlements and balance the budget without raising taxes.

Since you voted against this plan, I respectfully ask what you plan to do to cut spending, reform entitlements and balance the budget without raising taxes.

Costello, Jerry F. (D, IL-12) Davis, Danny K. (D, IL-7) Gutierrez, Luis V. (D, IL-4) Jackson, Jesse L. Jr. (D, IL-2) Lipinski, Daniel (D, IL-3) Quigley, Mike (D, IL-5) Rush, Bobby L. (D, IL-1) Schakowsky, Janice D. (D, IL-9)

Those of you looking to remain in office, should consider responding, as you failed to resolve these issues while in office.

While Temp Agencies Continue to Break the Law….,

So, how many months has it been since I queried on the legality of these temp agencies in this country…, let’s see…, it was in fact, back in August of 2008.

Since then what has happened?? The Warehouse Workers for Justice are supposedly involved with ONE such agency (to date, there has been NO new activity on their web-site, which would naturally lead one to surmise they have dropped the ball), and they are focused on only ONE aspect in regards to its operation; namely racial discrimination; ignoring any other infraction of the law. I.e. making employees sign away their right, to even so much as talk to a union representative, the fact that these temp services are STILL hiring illegal’s, that said temp agencies are openly advertising less than minimum wage pay (likely cash under the table for illegal’s, thereby cashing in on unpaid taxes, filing false information to both state and federal authorities, and pocketing for themselves, the remaining pay from the company) all the while ignoring that Americans are out of work.

All of these, while not only illegal, play no small part in the additional cost to consumers, as well as, the companies themselves. Think about it.

Take the companies themselves.

The company pays a temp service anywhere from 10-50% more than the temp service pays the employee. I have on occasion called as a human resource employee of a company looking to hire thru their service, this after reading their add in the newspaper, or online. I am told that our company will be charged $21 dollars an hour, for them to send an employee, who they pay minimum wage. Now here in Illinois the minimum wage is $8.50 hr. Take that further, to the temp service paying only three dollars an hour, and WOW !!!

Company loses big time, HUH ???!!!! Now let’s add to that, inexperienced, self-serving, unreliable, sabotage-prone individuals, and you can easily imagine the lost productivity, and lack of quality resulting in lost revenue, on top of the wage payout to the temp service.

If you were running a business, does this look like a revenue providing, fiscally responsible ledger???

And, do you now see where the consumer wil be forced to pay even more for the product??

I can’t understand why these companies would do such a thing. I personally, would advertise a job starting at $11 an hour, saving my company $6 an hour right from the start. This would also provide incentive to the employee, and if you use the performance based pay system, you give the employee the knowledge of security in the position, along with incentive to constantly improve theirs and the company’s bottom line.

Now, to the companies who look to other countries for cheap labor. Did you ever stop to look at YOUR own mess here to figure out, not only what is wrong, but just how easily it could be avoided? If you would take YOUR greed out of the equation, I’m sure you would be amazed at what WE could accomplish. I’m not saying you’d have to unionize (believe me, I know what crooks they are) but if you would go back to screening prospects on your own, paying a living wage (utilizing a performance based system vs. seniority) it would go a long way towards improving productivity, product quality, while giving employee incentives, and ultimately, increase revenue.

And once your revenue starts to increase, re-learn how to reinvest in your business. (More Indians, not chiefs)

I mean seriously, after seeing it in print, unless forced by law, why would anyone use these temp services??

I’m not saying ALL temp services operate in this manner; those who do are easily identifiable through minimal research. These temp agencies are a blight on both consumers and companies alike, and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

But you see or hear nothing in this regard. Why is that?

You’d think these companies would be all over this.

In fact, given the current situation of the state’s financial crisis, and I’m talking ALL states, I’m surprised the attorney general of each state isn’t already launching an investigation into these practices.

For the life of me, I can’t understand how Gov. Quinn is not seething over the loss of tax money. The ONLY other explanation for this is, he is counting his votes.

 Job Snapshot


215 Remington Blvd

Bolingbrook, IL 60440 ( Map it! )

Loading Map…

Base Pay:

$8,250 – $13,000 /Year

Employee Type: Full-Time

Industry: Industrial

Manages Others: No

Job Type: Manufacturing

Experience: Not Specified

Post Date: 2/24/2011

Contact Information

Contact:Alicia Trujillo


Description Machine operator position in Bolinbrook.

Resume with solid work history required before interview.

Person will be working Monday through Friday, sometimes weekends.

Over-time and time and half.

Temp to hire.       

 Requirements Must have own transporation.

Must be interested in full time.

Must be willing to work weekends.

This is what I am referring to. Base pay= $8,250  Let’s do the math; 8250/52weeks=$158.65/40hrs=$3.97hr

Now, as I understand the laws of this state, THIS IS ILLEGAL!!!! Minimum wage in Illinois is $8.50hr.

Why is there absolutely NOTHING being done about this???/

Lisa Madigan what is your major malfunction- the brain.

Printing the name of gun owners gives criminals the information needed to invade Illinois citizens homes to rob them, you as a representative of the law are placing citizens in harm’s way.  If you print my name, I will sue you for placing me and my family in harm’s way.
By your actions you are allowing crime to thrive in a complacent society and attempting to make a criminal of a law-abiding citizens such as my self and the people of Illinois. We the people do not need you as our mother or a union advocate to promote more police presence.
Whats next Madigan ” No Warrants needed ” to enter a person’s home…? It is clear to me that you as Attorney General are for taking away the rights of Illinois citizens. You have just given one more reason not to trust the law…Madigan with you representing the law, Heaven help us and our children..!!  Madigan is attempting to make you a target to be a crime statistic.

When the government over steps its bounds pushing the people – they will push back…….(quote: unknown)

The List of 70 Spending Cuts to be Included in the CR follows:

· Flood Control and Coastal Emergencies -$30M
· Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy -$899M
· Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability -$49M
· Nuclear Energy -$169M
· Fossil Energy Research -$31M
· Clean Coal Technology -$18M
· Strategic Petroleum Reserve -$15M
· Energy Information Administration -$34M
· Office of Science -$1.1B
· Power Marketing Administrations -$52M
· Department of Treasury -$268M
· Internal Revenue Service -$593M
· Treasury Forfeiture Fund -$338M
· GSA Federal Buildings Fund -$1.7B
· ONDCP -$69M
· International Trade Administration -$93M
· Economic Development Assistance -$16M
· Minority Business Development Agency -$2M
· National Institute of Standards and Technology -$186M
· NOAA -$336M
· National Drug Intelligence Center -$11M
· Law Enforcement Wireless Communications -$52M
· US Marshals Service -$10M
· FBI -$74M
· State and Local Law Enforcement Assistance -$256M
· Juvenile Justice -$2.3M
· COPS -$600M
· NASA -$379M
· NSF -$139M
· Legal Services Corporation -$75M
· EPA -$1.6B
· Food Safety and Inspection Services -$53M
· Farm Service Agency -$201M
· Agriculture Research -$246M
· Natural Resource Conservation Service -$46M

· Rural Development Programs -$237M
· WIC -$758M
· International Food Aid grants -$544M
· FDA -$220M
· Land and Water Conservation Fund -$348M
· National Archives and Record Service -$20M
· DOE Loan Guarantee Authority -$1.4B
· EPA GHG Reporting Registry -$9M
· USGS -$27M
· EPA Cap and Trade Technical Assistance -$5M
· EPA State and Local Air Quality Management -$25M
· Fish and Wildlife Service -$72M
· Smithsonian -$7.3M
· National Park Service -$51M
· Clean Water State Revolving Fund -$700M
· Drinking Water State Revolving Fund -$250M
· EPA Brownfields -$48M
· Forest Service -$38M
· National Endowment for the Arts -$6M
· National Endowment for the Humanities -$6M
· Job Training Programs -$2B
· Community Health Centers -$1.3B
· Maternal and Child Health Block Grants -$210M
· Family Planning -$327M
· Poison Control Centers -$27M
· CDC -$755M
· NIH -$1B
· Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services -$96M
· LIHEAP Contingency fund -$400M
· Community Services Block Grant -$405M
· High Speed Rail -$1B
· FAA Next Gen -$234M
· Amtrak -$224M
· HUD Community Development Fund -$530M

(All reductions are compared to the President’s fiscal year 2011 request)

Andy Mihelich’s Kindness during the Blizzard of 2011


Re-post from comment section.

Andy Mihelich is the best choice for Mayor of Joliet because he cares about people, first! On the day the blizzard was coming, Andy called the Joliet Police and offered his campaign office on Jefferson Street as an overflow; temporary shelter. The police did drop a homeless person there, so Andy stayed there all night. Andy is not a “politician” and therefore makes decisions without influence. He is a business man who is educated in business and economic development who is willing to give back to the city where he was born, raised, graduated high school, and was married. Check out his website (andyformayor.com) if you want to know more about him in Joliet) He has had nothing to do with the financial situation that Joliet is now in and is willing to dedicate all his time to lead the way to turn things around. Most of his waking hours for the past 4 to 5 years have been spent donating time somewhere in Jolliet for various causes.

He can do that because he retired, is financially independently stable, has lots of energy and the willingness to serve. He is morally grounded and his business ethics are strong. He will do what it takes to get Joliet back in the black….even if the decision is not a popular one. I haven’t heard one reason why not to support Andy for Mayor. Because there aren’t any! 

( I checked the facts and that is where Andy was the night of the storm)

Joliet Jakes Comment:

Where was the rest of these so called “I want to be elected as mayor people in Joliet Illinois” well they were nowhere to be found, I will bet they were in nice warm homes not thinking of no one but self as usual.

I will be watching Andy Mihelich closely, If Andy turns out to be like the others in the past I will make it a mission to burn him publicly, but so far he has got my vote but that to can change..I am not endorsing Andy or any other candidate.  I will as will the rest of my readers be watching you Andy, try to keep up the good work and be willing to do the things you say you’re going to do and you might get elected. Joliet residents are tired of the Lies from the current Joliet city council. I would also like to get Andy’s views on Joliet city government posted here. email me your comments to jolietjake2008@gmail.com

Alert Illinois and America Collage trashes Constitution

Joliet Junior College is conducting classes on “DEBUNKING THE CONSTITUTION” LLC 4221……Is my Tax dollars supporting this? Let’s call them at 815-280-1555 and ask them.

The United States traitor “Liberal lady” is spreading her new form of Lie about Tea Party members: saying Tea party members reportedly revere the Constituti­on and now they want the ability to void it….

Now I know that’s a Damn lie, this Liberal Lady is in fact no lady, she is a dumb down doormat for the Demorats. Yea I said It…and she is a Cunt to: Can’t Understand Normal Thinking…  JolietJake Facebook    and  JolietJake2008 twitter