The Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Preserve the Constitution’s assurance of the People’s God-given right to keep and bear arms. Learn More

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7 responses to “The Right to Keep and Bear Arms”

  1. willcountywatcher says :

    Feel free to express your thoughts here.

  2. jan walton says :

    I feel that I would rather have a gun wether my attacker does or not. My family also does alot of hunting and why should that sport be taken away from them? There are times in certain areas and in certain states deer or other animals need thinned out for varios reasons how will this happen without guns?

    • willcountywatcher says :

      Can a person be sued for what they post, yea if what they say isn’t true…But in this case we bloggers win because it is comments that are related to Herald news stories and I comment on them, FREEDOM OF SPEECH is great isn’t it..1st amendment rules

  3. Anonymous says :

    Its the Constitution.

  4. t godfreak says :

    i want many guns more guns guns guns so when they initiate martial law im going out in a blaze of glory

  5. Dcn. Channing Fell says :

    Each person has the right to protect themselves. Since development of firearms the striking distance is far enough that the intended victim may be unharmed… the preferred outcome.

    I can find no fault in Ted Nugent’s approach.

  6. Fred Landerman says :

    As much a I admire the men and women of law enforcement, they cannot be everywhere. It is therefor the right and duty of each citizen to protect their life and their property by whatever means necessary. If it means I have to tell a grieving mother, “I’m sorry I had to shoot your son,” then so be it. I will NOT apologize to the police for protecting myself.
    I sincerely urge each family to educate their children about firearms. After a person has sufficient knowledge about firearms, they can then make an “informed” decision about whether or not firearm ownership is for them, without the constant “fear-mongering perpetrated by both the extreme liberals and extreme conservatives.

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