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Will County police and States attorney’s office make boo-boo.

inside source states attorney office: transcripts of 6:45 March 07/08/03 Will county Police

A call came in to the Will County Sheriff’s Office at 6:45 pm the anonymous caller spoke with the on duty officer.
Officer: “Yes. What can I  do for you?”
an anonymous caller “I’m calling to report  my neighbor  Virgil Sith…. He’s hiding Marijuana inside his firewood! the caller stated, I Do not  know how he puts it inside the logs, but he’s hiding it there and they are in the shed in back of his home.”

The on duty officer reported what he had been told by the caller to his superiors, So today march 9th 2007, the Sheriff’s Deputies and the States attorney descend on Virgil’s home in the 1400 block of Jefferson St in Joliet Illinois. They search the shed out back of Virgil’s home where the firewood was kept, using axes, they busted open every piece of wood in Virgil’s shed, but did not find marijuana. After 3 1/2 hours grilling the suspect Virgil Sith, Not finding no probable cause for arrest, they sneer at Virgil and leave.
Shortly after the Police and the States attorney left, the phone rings at Virgil’s home. The states attorney and one Will county officer was now enforcing a wire tap on Virgil’s home 3 blocks away; the Unknown caller said:

“Unknown caller (whispering)…. Did the Sheriff  show up.

Virgil: Yea and they brought the States attorney too?”

Unknown caller: “What did they do”? 

Virgil: They came with a warrant and busted up all of my wood in my shed and I don’t know why?”

Unknown caller: “Well I told you I would help you with that job of splitting the wood!” “Happy Birthday,  buddy!”


Note this just a joke and never really happened“.

A word better left unspoken The N-word.

This is about a story I read today in the herald news about Jesse Jackson Jr and I find my self wondering what about the words I and many people are still called today like: Cracker, Honky, Spik, Wet back, and many others, who champions the fight to get these derogatory words removed from the publics mouths.
When I was younger I remember books removed from the schools library like: To Kill a Mockingbird, Scarlet Pimpernel, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,  And Then There Were None and many others, why were these books removed from the library because of the Nigger word?

Think about the term Cracker: Usage of the term “cracker” generally differs from “hick” and “hillbilly” because crackers reject or resist assimilation into the dominant culture, while hicks and hillbillies theoretically are isolated from the dominant culture. In this way, the cracker is similar to the redneck. In the black community, “cracker” is a disparaging term for whites, now is mainly use to call a person stupid because of the referance to Hillbilly.

How about these terms: Spic, also spelled spik, spick, or spig, is an ethnic slur used in the United States and United Kingdom for a person from Latin America or of Latino/Hispanic descent, sometimes including Spanish and Brazilian persons.
Why is it that a man like Jesse Jackson Jr wants to keep a fight going that started over a hundred years ago? Can it be that Hunger, world famine or world issues don’t matter. are we that petty as a society that we worry about a word a single word.
What’s next we call our momma’s and say there picking on me….LOL
Its guys like Jesse Jackson Jr and The Neo-Nazi’s wannabes causing a fight because it is what sells papers and keeps up an argument, it is an argument that really has no merit. I currently am fighting my own prejudices and admitingly I have use the N-word a time or 2 and many others.

God don’t make strait trees and I am not perfect, but till all derogatory statements cease and people become enlightened it is going to keep happening.
I remember back a few years ago when local gangs The Latin Kings and The ViceLords went to war over something that someone said, it was only words and a couple of kids died.

It is the stupid things we as humans fight over, But the N-Word is just that just a word like any other word, so let us all cry together and be babies about it; somebody called me a NAME.