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Kinsinger Snubbed by Herald News

State Representative Adam Kinsinger was in Joliet on Thursday, January 27, 2011, but the local newspaper waited until Monday, the 31st. to air an article from the Southtown Star.

I guess our newest representative is not worthy of the time or effort. Not surprisingly, the Herald News didn’t even announce the upcoming event in the first place. How does a newspaper justify ignoring our representatives, both before and after? As I’ve said, the article was written for, and copied from, the Southtown Star. Disrespectful, comes to mind. Biased? You bet!

I was surprised that the paper even published a photo from the event. (Mr. Kinsinger was in town to hold his first townhall meeting.)

Though the article from the Star is very informative, it says nothing of the townhall meeting. This should have been the main idea for the story, in the first place. The article from the Star reads like a resume, which could have been used BEFORE the mid-term elections.

I mistakenly thought a newspapers job was to inform its readers of upcoming events, BEFORE they happen, as well as give a thorough analogy, after.

I’m sure the Tea-Party members won’t be too happy about their representative being snubbed.


Susan Barber Dist.4 , Tim Brophy Dist. 2 and Warren Dorris Dist. 5 shame on you.

I was at the Joliet, Adam Kinzinger town hall meeting Jan 27 2011, I was appalled at the lack of media coverage. A lot of good issues were brought up yet many Joliet and Will county residents didn’t get to hear what was said. Herald news claimed to be there by the photographer on site, yet no pictures was printed…. The issue was brought up about jobs by the first speaker, one of Joliet’s illustrious Homeless individual.

Do you think that Joliet city council members offered any solutions to this homeless person to a person that wants a job, wants to be part of society and pay taxes. Adam Kinzinger heard the homeless mans plight and offered suggestions but the Joliet city council members was there to Kiss Adam Kinzinger butt and again what it will take to bring Joliet back to a place where families and the working class can thrive. members Susan Barber Dist.4 , Tim Brophy Dist. 2 and Warren Dorris Dist. 5 sat there with nothing to say to this homeless unemployed man, but the audience rallied around the homeless man after the Kinzinger speech and helped this man..

To these city council member let it be known who they are and let’s be up front, no shame was felt by the Joliet city council about the Homeless person, After the homeless person was done speaking to Adam, there was many tears in the audience for the plight of this man and offers of temporary help was given..

these 3 Joliet city council members Susan Barber Dist.4 , Tim Brophy Dist. 2 and Warren Dorris Dist. 5 will wish they had the votes they lose that their insensitivity and utter leadership failures affords them….He must be a voter, The homeless man stated that he walked 2 miles in freezing temperatures to speak to Adam which he did, This is one Homeless man that has something to say with substance behind it.

Adam Kinsinger Comes to Joliet

Last night here in Joliet, I attended a town hall meeting with our newest representative, Adam Kinsinger. He was unpretentious, direct, disciplined. I believe he understands the enormous task he has before him, and that he is indeed determined to represent the people of his district to the best of his ability.

His opening remarks, though brief, went right to point: Cut spending, cut government and get people to work.

He first beamed, then bemoaned the 5% reduction across the board of the entire government, “We all need to sacrifice”.

His fellow members of congress, specifically the freshman class, learned of what is immediately available for the chopping block. Namely, the discretionary spending part of the overall budget. This is nothing more than an olive branch.

Next up will be the defense budget. With his background in the Air Force, he clearly wants to keep America strong. I too, hope only the very unnecessary bureaucracy will be cut, and that our brave men and women who sacrifice for our freedoms, will not want for anything in protecting our home. He made it quite clear he not only knows, but understands just how dangerous this world has become.

He then informed those in attendance, that for now, social programs will remain untouched. I not only heard, but saw, the obvious frustration he has towards this. He knows of the fraud and abuse and has ideas, whether his or by group consensus, on how to prevent further waste of our tax dollars. Unfortunately, he and his associates will have to wait. The question is, can we??

As he turned the floor over to answer questions, the first question went straight to the immediate need for jobs. He showed depth of knowledge on the subject. In fact, the first thing he would like to do, would be to eliminate the very agency created with the specific purpose of making this country self-sufficient. He knows where the problem lies, and that it is simply a matter of getting everyone to work together, to get rid of the red tape that is holding us back.

There are just two things I have a problem with.

First and foremost, he seems to believe that Obamacare has some good in it that could be kept in some form. From all I have read, it would seem easier to just start over. Quit subsidizing pharmaceutical companies, put a ceiling on lawsuits and allow the schools to do the research, although I’m sure it’s not that simple.

The other problem: taxes. While he understands how bad it is, he is inclined to reform the tax system. Simplifying the tax code and cutting corporate taxes is what he is willing to discuss. When pressed on the Fair tax proposition, he flatly declined to discuss it as a means of resolve.

These are the two biggest issues this country faces, and both are job-killers. His response to “tweak” them seems counterproductive. I, for one, hope the rest of congress moves to repeal the healthcare measure outright, and would at least, entertain the option of the Fair Tax.

Though he’s chomping at the bit to rid us of the welfare state we are in (this is the discipline in him talking), his actions speak to surrender.

Perhaps it is a matter of knowing that this president is facing impeachment and that that is the reason for dragging his heels on these issues.

Hopefully, we the people won’t have to wait too long. Though there’s a lot to be done, reforms and “tweaking” are the slow roads of discussion and debate.

I mistakenly thought we were loud and clear at the mid-terms; “We’re drowning in a sea of debt. No one here is producing so much as a life preserver, and the previous administration dropped an anchor on us”.

Our prayers are with you Representative Kinsinger, as are our eyes and ears upon you.

We the people: Not We Obama Marxism

Since the 1920s No American President has made a determined effort to reduce government significantly. It isn’t that it can’t be done. It’s been proven only that no Republican or Democrat is going to do it. That’s why we as Tea party members have to stand keep this fight going; America cannot be lost to liberal ideology.

For globalization to work.  Americans can’t be afraid to act like the almighty superpower that it is. Which Obama has failed to do? Workers in America can’t even pay the bills without working three jobs, 1 out of every 4 children go to bed hungry, and these issues are ignored by the left

Thomas Jefferson once said: “A wise and frugal government… shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned.

” With growing corruption and censorship, and disappearing freedoms to American citizens, one can compare the apparent path of the American Empire to that of any great empire which has come and gone. Our founding fathers’ only warning was to keep power in the hands of the people. We have moved so far left, that we don’t even mind that the power has been lost to the hands of the few.

We should not confuse ourselves into believing that our civilization has reached a plateau from which it cannot fall. Like the dream land Socialists and liberals daily spout about in incoherent gibberish, most Marxists understand the ideology of negativity, These Individuals do not exist atomically or select their type of ideology off a grocery store shelf like a box of cereal. Marxism is individuals need to control others, it is also systematic and it interacts with the governmental as a hidden control over political views and its citizens.

Liberalism is “not” a product of mankind’s evolution: Liberalism requires each of us to give up rights, is it a duty, a motivation or a sickness of the liberal thought patterns. Despite the demonization of the Tea Party Movement by liberals in the media and in politics, the Tea Party Movement has shown the power of ‘We the People’.

Gov. Quinn Recall

Reprint from email to me at

Last night the Governor’s office confirmed what many have suspected, that the Illinois pension systems are the subject of an SEC investigation. You can read the Wall Street Journal article on the subject here: With our pensions systems not only falling below 50% funding, but selling assets to keep the lights on, this is disturbing news. The best guess estimate I have is that the pension debt for the state alone is around $140 to $150 BILLION dollars. And despite the massive tax hike, no real work has been done to stabilize these funds.

At this rate, they will be insolvent and unable to pay benefits by 2015. Like many of you, I was appalled at the job-killing tax hikes that were passed in the final hours of the last legislative session. What was worse is that not only was spending not cut, they actually expanding state spending. The so-called “spending caps” are illusory at best for two reasons: it does not limit spending out of “special funds” and the spending caps are set higher than even the most optimistic estimates of the revenue that we will have. To put it another way, we had to pass this tax increase because of a $13 billion dollar deficit. Based on estimates from several groups on both sides of the political spectrum, our budget deficit will be between $15 billion and $23 billion four years from now when the first portion of the tax hike is scheduled to expire. In short, we kicked the can down the road because once again, we have no plan to bring stability to the state’s finances. Our books need to be audited, our pensions need to be audited and we need to take a serious look at what programs we fund and what programs simply aren’t a priority anymore.

For instance, Kid Care, the program unilaterally created by Rod Blagojevich. That program was cited in his Articles of Impeachment as an abuse of his office’s powers, but yet, the program is declared untouchable and must not be cut under any circumstances. The list goes on. Our state’s fiscal problems are caused by one problem and one problem alone. We knew what money we had and we chose to spend more than we had and used accounting stunts and one-time revenue sources to fund a shell game. We don’t have a “revenue problem”, we have a problem of trying to spend money we simply don’t have. The state has been doing it for over a decade and the bill is coming due. And the best example is the pensions. We promise benefits we don’t fund and have manufactured a crisis where one should not have existed. Time is running short, the problem can be fixed but it requires a seriousness of purpose in Springfield. Call your legislators and tell them to right this ship before it’s too late.

Sincerely, John Bambenek

No Name-Calling Week ??? Your tax dollars at work !!!

I don’t know about you, but for my money, I’d prefer a Bible Study instead.