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Catherina Wojtowicz-The Cracked Nut Liar

   Catherina Wojtowicz the self proclaimed Tea party thunder thigh has the gall to try to use the Tea Party Conservatives as her sounding board to push her self perceived agenda on the American population. Just Google this idiot. The Tea Party is about bringing America back to being a productive country not pushing agendas that have nothing to do with American people getting back to work or tearing down fellow conservatives.

My god just look at her, she slipped in to my Facebook page under guise of a Conservative, when in reality this women is Liberal to the core,  as long as she has her rights she doesn’t care if you lose yours. Ask your self this question about Catherina Wojtowicz does she really care and who is she pulling your chain for.    In the pictures below she says in one breath we need Cisco Cotto of WLS radio, then  Catherina Wojtowicz  Calls Cisco a Bore, since when is being a Conservative being a bore, then this Lady and I use the term loosely, has the nerve to call me gay, using slanderous terms, Then she has the nerve to call me Retarded…or slow, don’t want to misquote her. Your Busted  Catherina Wojtowicz,  We the people of the Tea Party are not your toys to play with.


Google to plus or not to Plus+

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The early reviews of Google+ (including mine) have been almost uniformly positive — if not glowing. It is a good product, if not entirely original, with some standout features: Hangout, Circles.

In the week and a half since launch many people have enthusiastically embraced it, while others are busy trying to handicap it vs. Facebook and other social sites.

Does Google+ Justify All the Praise It Has Received?

But does Google+ and its Android app (which is good but not the “second coming”) merit the adulation they’ve been getting? I’m not sure; I think there’s something else going on here.

I’ve been somewhat surprised by the almost rapturous enthusiasm among many of the early adopters. There would seem to be more at play than a pure reaction to Google+ features. I sense a strong desire — call it pent up demand –  for a genuine Facebook alternative and/or a meaningful competitive challenge to Facebook.

Google in Role of Social Underdog

Facebook has quickly become the “Microsoft of social networking,” especially following the demise of MySpace. But just as Google made Microsoft into the underdog in search, Google can once again play the underdog to Facebook in social with Google+. It’s strange and paradoxical all the way around because Facebook is for some people a counterweight to the power of Google.

Yet in some quarters of Silicon Valley and beyond it appears that an undetermined number of people are frustrated with Facebook and some of its perceived inflexibility around groups and contact management. This is based on my anecdotal conversations and interactions with people around Google+.

What If the “Cool Kids” Leave the Party?

Among the reactions, Robert Scoble celebrates and is almost giddy over the idea that “Your mom won’t use Google+.” VC Fred Wilson is “rooting for Google+.” And some marketers are equally rooting for Google+.

Professional Facebook observer David Kirkpatrick, author of The Facebook Effect, also lauded Google+. But like Scoble he argues mainstream users won’t abandon Facebook any time soon.

Social networking is partly about utility, partly about silly fun and partly about fashion. If the hipsters and “cool kids” leave the party will others be far behind?

In the near term Facebook realistically doesn’t have much to fear from Google+. But what about the medium and long term? Will it matter if Facebook loses the hearts and minds of the “digerati”?