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Will County GOP, Illinois

Will County GOP Chairman Dick Kavanagh has been getting a lot of heat over a vote he made last week at the county convention. Numerous committeemen expressed their outrage on Illinois Review’s post “Uproar at Will County GOP Convention” that Kavanagh chose to vote for the precincts without elected GOP committeemen, turning the committeemen’s choice upside down. Kavanagh’s vote re-elected his favored candidate — 11th CD’s Bobbie Peterson — back into her spot on the IL GOP’s State Central Committee. The committeemen had voted overwhelmingly for Corey Singer, but when Kavanagh exercised his right to vote the non-represented precincts, the election went to Peterson. IR ran into Kavanagh at the Bill Brady kickoff in Addison Sunday, so we asked him his thoughts about the brewing controversy. “You’re getting a lot of heat about what happened last Wednesday,” we said… “I don’t care,” Kavanagh said. Voting for non-represented precincts is in the IL GOP’s rules, it’s legal and Ms. Peterson was his choice over challenger Corey Singer, he said. “And anyway, I announced my plans to vote those votes the month before, they knew what I planned to do ahead of time. No one said a word about it until after it was over.” The rules have been in place for 35 years, he said, but perhaps there needed to be changes made, especially when the congressional districts overlap into Cook County. There IL GOP township commiteemen vote for the precinct captains, he said. Perhaps that should be addressed in the future. “There’s no regrets about what happened last Wednesday,” Kavanagh said.

Pence Calls on Pelosi to Reveal Special Deals in Health Care Bill

Watch Rep. Mike Pence (IN) talking health care on “Hannity”:

Joliet down town condo’s

JOLIET — City Councilman Timothy Brophy is working as a real estate agent for a downtown condominium project that received a package of incentives last month.

Brophy abstained from a vote on the incentives and did not comment as the council discussed the project, which has had city support since 2007.

Seems to me that this is going to be the biggest waste of Brophy’s and the rest of the city councils time, time that could be utilized to obtaining commitments of maybe employers bringing jobs to Joliet Illinois. Who the hell wants to live in a condo in Joliet to begin with, Look Crabigales closed and many others are just hanging by a thread in this economy.

What Brophy and the rest of the council should do is? ‘” Do what they was elected to do” Get Jobs for Joliet and get employers to come here by lowering taxes, we have a great labor base that is sitting doing nothing in this economy….Brophy’s and the Joliet city council head has been there  ass for to long, maybe they should just cut a big fart and dislodge it.

Condos near Evergreen terrace…What a laugh. Is there Tax dollars for this? How would condo owners like to see Section 8 housing right across from them and the crime that goes along with it.

What is Halvorson afraid of?

What is Halvorson afraid of?

The Herald-News recently published an article about U.S. Rep. Debbie Halvorson listening to Latinos in New Lenox. The Illegal-Mexican Coalition group was granted a 15-minute meeting with Halvorson. The press was not allowed in the meeting because it’s Halvorson’s policy to keep such meetings private. “since When?’

The Herald-News article stated that Halvorson has agreed to meet with the Latino group in May. The group specifically wants to discuss proposed immigration reform and amnesty promoted by Congress.

A man who was first on the sign-up list asked the crowd if they were willing to have Halvorson address the gathering as a group to answer questions. She refused and said that she would only meet one-on-one with those in attendance and that, in the past, she has addressed groups in churches. Based on the crowd size and the time it would take to accommodate each person, it would have taken a few hours to speak individually with Halvorson.

The article presents a very narrow view of the gathering. There is a picture of five Latinos in a very empty room. The reporter was present when the crowd agreed to have Halvorson address the group as a whole and The Herald-News photographer took pictures of the large group that was waiting. The newspaper did a disservice to readers by not reporting the true events and the fact that Halvorson is afraid to address her constituents unless it’s in a tightly controlled environment with favored groups.

makes me think back to the photo op at the local Joliet Mission where she held a paint roller to look like she was doing something to help the homeless…