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Barack Obama and Will County Illinois

Has anybody noticed that the price of gas is again over $2.60 a gallon and the price of a barrel is over $60? Who are the Democrats going to blame this time? They can’t blame Bush. And the liberal media sure is not blaming Obama.  We want  businesses to rebuild and start employing the masses, how is this to happen when workers can not afford to get to work again.

It’s no secret that liberals believe gas prices have always been too low. But you might notice that they are having much more fun recently skewering Republicans and wailing about the high price of fuel. Funny, we don’t hear much about those proposals now. And here’s Barack Obama telling us “tough shit America, get used to it.” But I guess thats ok with OBAMA as long as we have the change jinggling in our pockets then the Change he promised.

Hopefully  Obama doesn’t use up all his political capital on this stimulus/pork . There are plenty of projects in it that will have no effect until 2 years from now, which may be pouring our gasoline dollars on a fire waiting for the economy to recover.

Peterson gag order Glasgow intent on getting it

Prosecutors are pushing to shut Drew Peterson’s lawyers up about potential evidence against the alleged wife-killer. State’s Attorney James Glasgow filed a motion on Wednesday to forbid attorneys from leaking anything from discovery documents, which will be turned over to Peterson’s legal team for the first time next week.

JJ’s comment: Do we really think they will shut him up, or what is the local police trying to hide…Uhhh… Maybe their major screw ups in this case(s).

Doesn’t surprise me a bit. This is typical  – The Attorney General needs to investigate the entire department(s) involved and get into this case. Glasgow sounds like he is trying to take a stand they may blow the case because their officers are so breathtakingly stupid …The only reason he got arrested is the cops feel embarrassed. …. I still remember that these  hacks tried to prosecute Kevin Fox minus Jeff Tomczak.

Dead body Channahon update

Twitter update

State police announced Wednesday that the remains found last week on the shore of the Des Plaines River in Channhon Township belong to a man.

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Will, Grundy counties form crimes task force

JOLIET, Ill. – With some of the highest-profile unsolved murder cases in the state, more than 35 suburban  law enforcement agencies have formed a major crimes task force. At a news conference Tuesday in Joliet, Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow said unsolved cases such as the 2008 murder of five women at a Lane Bryant store underscore the need for a regional approach. The task force will be made up of 57 officers from 36 agencies in Will and Grundy counties, including the police departments of Bolingbrook and Plainfield. Both suburbs have recent high-profile missing persons cases. Stacy Peterson has been missing from Bolingbrook since 2007, and Lisa Stebic disappeared from Plainfield in April of that year.

Lost faith show me the money

Job loss. Do you know what to do. More and more events arise, more and more pressure lands on your mind. It’s painful not knowing what to do. It’s painful when no one does anything until it’s too late. Is it selfish to want a Job? There are no more excuses, People are just just fed-up with excuses. Excuses are similar to the Internet. People hide behind them because they can’t face anything, It’s their own escape.

I don’t know what to feel anymore. It’s one thing after another. Who do I listen to? What action do I take? This is frustrating. I can’t just not  do anything… I can’t starve, my children must have food and shelter.

Guess I’m  selfish. I want to live and have money, have a home and friends but not to Democrats, to democrats I am expected to share my labor with everyone and keep nothing for my self, decision’s are to be made for me in this new one world thinking, what type of career. Spread the wealth, hurt the nation, drive it’s people from their homes, debt is debt an no mater who started this fight, throwing more money at a problem is no answer…

I can’t ever lose this grudge. Whatever happens, I will always hold this dislike of them to lazy to work, living on my tax dollar and the Democrats fortifying the deceit that is Obama and the less than discrepant party know as the Democrats. 

I Lost faith show me the money or show me the hell out of here…all the government can do is to show me  false faith and offer false hopes, we were offered Change, what we really got was change, the type that jingles in out pockets….

Will County Politicians and Law Enforcement?

Id say incompetence due to complacency, and then kind of a queasy cover-up.

For A longtime I have been a Will County watcher, I  called the politicians and law enforcement people out there “a bunch of chicken farmers.” Meaning, most of them rose through the ranks many years ago when Will County was basically( Joliet) surrounded by farm country and some villages–long before it became a Chicago-like bustling population center with a high volume of exotic crimes and other problems. The feeling I got as I grilled various Will County officials about why they didn’t take this Savio story more seriously from beginning to end (and after the end) was kind of a self-pitying:  How could we have known this was going to become such a big deal? To be honest, I felt for them–and hoped voters would put them out to pasture on the nearest remaining chicken farm. That’s why Will County is a dumping ground for dead bodies, I have been in will County Illinois for 37 years and have seen that often the police couldn’t find there own feet to tie their shoes let alone find a Murderer even if he or she is right under their noses.

Sometimes there are a few bad or incompetent cops, and sometimes you can detect a couple of items in the culture that are worth criticizing. At the end of the day, they do far too much to protect abusive and incompetent cops who’ve got no business holding a badge.