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‘Andy Mihelich” ..Illegals? Get jobs before the ones that can vote.

 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 7, 2011 Contact: Andy Mihelich@ 815.630.5142 or Mihelich’s “Jobs for Joliet Plan”: Job Creation Requires Small Business Formation, Minority Participation (Joliet, Illinois) – Today independent mayoral challenger Andy Mihelich unveiled his “Jobs for Joliet” economic recovery plan. The key components of the Mihelich plan: (1) Partnering with Joliet Junior College’s Small Business Development Center (2) Creating a Joliet Economic Development Commission (3) Job-training for Joliet residents (4) Review of minority contracting to ensure the city is meeting its participation goals for minority-owned and woman-owned businesses The two questions Andy Mihelich invariably gets from Joliet residents as goes door-to-door are: (1) How do we balance the city’s budget? and, (2) How do we bring jobs back to Joliet? Mihelich has spent a lot of time in this campaign talking about the city budget given that the current administration, including his opponents on the City Council, have managed Joliet to the brink of bankruptcy. And while tough decisions will need to be made about the size and expense of city government in the short-term, Mihelich understands that economic growth is the long-term solution. Mihelich has framed his campaign around a simple proposition: As mayor, he will ask a simple question when considering each and every policy proposal, “Will this policy help Joliet families to be successful?” The first thing a family needs to be successful is a job.

Today, Mihelich rolled out his “Jobs for Joliet” plan. The centerpiece of that plan is for the city to aid in the development, launch and support for small businesses. “Every community wants to bring in the big manufacturer or the big retailer, and I do as well,” said Mihelich. “But instead of seeking only home runs, we need to start hitting some singles and doubles. Small businesses are the engines of job growth in our economy and can be in Joliet.” Mihelich noted that of the nearly 1.2 million businesses in Illinois, 88% of them are so-called “microenterprises” with less than five employees. (source: Association for Enterprise Opportunity) Mihelich proposed that, in addition to the city’s Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the City of Joliet work more closely with the Illinois Small Business Development Center located at Joliet Junior College. “We don’t need to reinvent the wheel, we just need to educate our residents about the services and support that is out there to create a culture of entrepreneurship in Joliet,” said Mihelich. “The Small Business Development Center already works in conjunction with federal and state economic development agencies and retired executives to provide a wide range of services that help small businesses get off the ground and support them once their doors are open.” Mihelich said that very few existing businesses much less prospective ones know about the services available. Mihelich proposed ward-by-ward seminars on everything from writing business plans to financing options available. Mihelich also suggested creating an Entrepreneur’s Speakers Series for successful entrepreneurs to mentor those just starting out.

Mihelich said his plan wouldn’t cost the city money as it simply would coordinate resource providers and educate Joliet residents as to the resources available for small businesses and start-ups. Mihelich also proposed creation of a Joliet Economic Development Commission where business, labor, and civic community leaders will be recruited to map out reforms they believe are needed to make Joliet a place that keeps existing businesses and attracts new ones that feature good paying jobs with benefits for Joliet families. “It is important to gather the input of leaders in a variety of sector and fields of endeavor to make sure we don’t miss anything when it comes to the reforms needed to make Joliet a destination for business,” said Mihelich. Mihelich said his first charge to the newly minted city-specific commission will be; (1) to ensure Joliet is getting a good return on its investment with the Will County Center for Economic Development; and (2) To aid in the transformation of downtown Joliet, including its street layout, to better embody a 21st century city. Mihelich also believes it is important for the mayor to be an ambassador for the city. Mihelich will personally visit existing Joliet businesses to gain an understanding of the specific challenges they face and how the city can help. He will also serve as the city’s lead recruiter for new businesses to make sure the interests of every neighborhood and every family is represented at the table as it pertains to new economic opportunities. Mihelich will also make job-training a priority to ensure Joliet families have the skills they need to compete for new jobs in the city.

Mihelich’s experience at Joliet Junior College will be key to developing the necessary partnerships to make available the core skills-training required for residents who need help preparing for success in our global, digital economy. Finally, Mihelich emphasized the need to review the city’s minority contractor participation program to ensure participating goals are being met and exceeded. The city has a 10% minority set aside. “We need to begin by getting minority contractors certified to bid on contracts. We also need to construct city contracts in such a way that minorities can competitively compete.” Mihelich’s commitment to fair competition and equitable participation in city businesses earned him the Latino Business Association’s Community Advocate of the Year Award in 2008. Mihelich retired as Joliet Junior College’s Associate Vice President after 30 years of service. For 20 years he directed all of the college’s economic development programs, including dislocated worker assistance, small business development and entrepreneurship training, worker retraining, and community development. During his career at JJC, Mihelich also served on the Grundy Economic Development Council for twelve years.

He chaired their Business Growth and Expansion Committee and served on the Executive Committee. He received their Community Member of the Year Award in 2000. Additionally, Mihelich served on the Joliet City Center Partnership Board of Directors for over a decade. He helped create the partnership’s vision for downtown redevelopment.

Susan Barber Dist.4 , Tim Brophy Dist. 2 and Warren Dorris Dist. 5 shame on you.

I was at the Joliet, Adam Kinzinger town hall meeting Jan 27 2011, I was appalled at the lack of media coverage. A lot of good issues were brought up yet many Joliet and Will county residents didn’t get to hear what was said. Herald news claimed to be there by the photographer on site, yet no pictures was printed…. The issue was brought up about jobs by the first speaker, one of Joliet’s illustrious Homeless individual.

Do you think that Joliet city council members offered any solutions to this homeless person to a person that wants a job, wants to be part of society and pay taxes. Adam Kinzinger heard the homeless mans plight and offered suggestions but the Joliet city council members was there to Kiss Adam Kinzinger butt and again what it will take to bring Joliet back to a place where families and the working class can thrive. members Susan Barber Dist.4 , Tim Brophy Dist. 2 and Warren Dorris Dist. 5 sat there with nothing to say to this homeless unemployed man, but the audience rallied around the homeless man after the Kinzinger speech and helped this man..

To these city council member let it be known who they are and let’s be up front, no shame was felt by the Joliet city council about the Homeless person, After the homeless person was done speaking to Adam, there was many tears in the audience for the plight of this man and offers of temporary help was given..

these 3 Joliet city council members Susan Barber Dist.4 , Tim Brophy Dist. 2 and Warren Dorris Dist. 5 will wish they had the votes they lose that their insensitivity and utter leadership failures affords them….He must be a voter, The homeless man stated that he walked 2 miles in freezing temperatures to speak to Adam which he did, This is one Homeless man that has something to say with substance behind it.

We the people: Not We Obama Marxism

Since the 1920s No American President has made a determined effort to reduce government significantly. It isn’t that it can’t be done. It’s been proven only that no Republican or Democrat is going to do it. That’s why we as Tea party members have to stand keep this fight going; America cannot be lost to liberal ideology.

For globalization to work.  Americans can’t be afraid to act like the almighty superpower that it is. Which Obama has failed to do? Workers in America can’t even pay the bills without working three jobs, 1 out of every 4 children go to bed hungry, and these issues are ignored by the left

Thomas Jefferson once said: “A wise and frugal government… shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned.

” With growing corruption and censorship, and disappearing freedoms to American citizens, one can compare the apparent path of the American Empire to that of any great empire which has come and gone. Our founding fathers’ only warning was to keep power in the hands of the people. We have moved so far left, that we don’t even mind that the power has been lost to the hands of the few.

We should not confuse ourselves into believing that our civilization has reached a plateau from which it cannot fall. Like the dream land Socialists and liberals daily spout about in incoherent gibberish, most Marxists understand the ideology of negativity, These Individuals do not exist atomically or select their type of ideology off a grocery store shelf like a box of cereal. Marxism is individuals need to control others, it is also systematic and it interacts with the governmental as a hidden control over political views and its citizens.

Liberalism is “not” a product of mankind’s evolution: Liberalism requires each of us to give up rights, is it a duty, a motivation or a sickness of the liberal thought patterns. Despite the demonization of the Tea Party Movement by liberals in the media and in politics, the Tea Party Movement has shown the power of ‘We the People’.

Selling off America..Repost

A new television ad about the U.S. national debt produced by Citizens Against Government Waste has been deemed “too controversial” by major networks including ABC, A&E and The History Channel and will not be shown on those channels.

No insurance ⁄ Cell Phone may get you put in Jail Jan 1st 2010


Starting Jan. 1, those found driving without insurance in accidents causing bodily harm will be charged with a Class A Misdemeanor instead of a traffic citation.

Although the new laws have received widespread approval by law enforcement and the public since they were announced in August, questions still linger as to whether the new regulations will serve as an effective deterrent.

Other methods of enforcement would entail the use of stationary and roving patrols, similar to the type already used for traffic patrols and anti-drunken-driving details.⁄

Cell phone

Secretary of State spokesman Dave Drucker said police also will have the ability to subpoena phone records after a serious accident to determine whether text messages were being sent or received at the time of a crash.

Distracted driving caused by cell phone use has gained increased attention in recent years. This summer, police in Great Britain released a public service announcement that has received worldwide attention because of its graphic depiction of a fatal accident caused by a driver who was distracted from the road because she was composing a text message.

A large factor in answering that question comes down to enforcement, and police agencies throughout the state will be assigned with the task of catching violators.

eminent domain bill

Illinois Senate Bill 2063 passed the Senate and is now in the House Rules Committee. Section 6-15(d) of this bill gives politicians the power to take your house and property by eminent domain proceedings any time they want and pay you what ever they deem fair. You only have 120 days to get off of your property. It is called “quick take” — and this, my friends, is communism.

More than 500,000 GIs died or were wounded and billions of your dollars were spent to try to stop communism in Korea and Vietnam. Now it is sneaking in our back door.

Tell your friends about the bill and watch the papers for the final public hearings on it. It could pass in the November veto session. The bill is sponsored by Sen. Debbie Halvorson, D-Crete, and in the House by state Rep. Lisa Dugan, D-Bradley. It is also supported by Will County Executive Larry Walsh and the Will County Board.

Remember, young people who can’t vote will suffer from this law.

We can stop it. Write or call your legislator now.

Bob Carter

Halvorson’s congressional campaign spokesman now says she’s ready to “revisit” SB 2063. No kidding…

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Money spending cockroaches

I agree that these money spending cockroaches need to be removed from local and state government; I know it is easy to speak of thriving commercial districts, roads, transportation, and good schools when you’re running for office. Progressive action would mean changing things like the 50 percent non-completion rate of city and county projects our politicians argue over daily, politicians who adamantly won’t agree and are pointing fingers relating to mismanagement instead of getting off their asses and doing something about it and stop the senseless spending.

Personally I am tired of so called politicians that are supposed to be educated and don’t have enough common sense to fill a thimble. I want to know, how will they restructure our confiscatory tax system in order to attract tax-revenue-providing business here instead of driving them out of Will County? How about trimming our wasteful, costly maze of bureaucratic procedures, known as Joliet city council and Will County board?

We cannot find any decent, qualified people who are willing to run for office, the rich run for office and the poor pays the cost. Good politicians have a responsibility to meeting both the local needs of their wards and the policy needs of their city or county, the common good must be placed first and foremost, as a politician the responsibly should not be just voting for a project it should also be the responsibility of the politician to make sure what was voted for is indeed being completed and is done in a responsible manner, in other word get up off of their asses and go check that the jobs being completed and is within budget. Is that too much to ask of our over paid politicians? Or would it give them a heart attack to have to do something?

As tax payers that have been relentlessly buffeted by exorbitant tax increases, now that we are beginning to assert ourselves as equal policymaking partners, the Joliet city council and Will County board is starting to back peddle or use outside sources to try to get tax increases, lI guess they think we are so dumb that we can’t figure that one out.

You can see by what’s in the local paper and the little slip in comments of the reporters that we are starting to make an impact, true it is a small impact but we will prevail, we must work on improving our community, we must reject the negativity of those who run down our community for political gain.

It is better to use various inputs and views in making decisions, we residents need to ask politicians questions and have the right to expect answers, no matter it be in the newspaper, a blog or in person. An open forum is the answer and an open government is what’s needed. I am not suggesting giving away military secrets or etc.. I feel that if we are more informed we are a tighter community and in doing so we can do greater things.

Many will sit and say I work all the time or I have no time to attend council meetings, but it is venues like this that gets the word out and implements change. With the technology at our finger tips we could have the information steaming into our homes and businesses as it happens or see what happened at local government meetings and have the ability like one of our comments from Phillip Cleary said; Cyberspace is a place where anyone can save a comment or article for future retrieval. All in all it is about acountability, this will make the difference in Will County.

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