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Is this really the American Jobs Act?


At no point in time during that speech did I hear anything that made me believe that Private Sector jobs were going to be created. He talked about cutting Corporate taxes. Ok. How much? How long? Business won’t hire if its not significant and long term. But that was it. How can government create jobs? Cut spending. Cut debt. Encourage companies to build their businesses in the USA by promising long term significant reductions in regulations and taxes. Significantly change the tax code.

He did say he wanted to give tax credits to small businesses who hire people, but think about that for a minute. A tax credit is a one time offering and thereafter that employee must be maintained at full price. Now think about this. His healthcare plan adds a between 4 and 8 percent (of employee pay) tax on all employees. Now you get a small business that hires someone, they get a one time tax break for one revenue cycle, and then they have to pay between 4 and 8 percent of that person’s salary to pay for their healthcare plan. Uh Uh. Sorry. Thats not a plan. Thats a disaster waiting to happen. Thats kicking the can down the road.

He also said he wants to cut payroll taxes, but if that’s going to happen, and he is gonna tinker with the tax code why not just dig in and change the whole dang thing? If a republican wanted to change the tax code there would be howls of outrage from across the nation that they are stealing money from the treasury and hurling grandma off the cliff in a wheel chair, but if a democrat wants to change it and reduce it there is applause? He’s not stealing? Well then why not just go all the way and scrap it and change it for real. This is a gimmick. It will not jump start the economy. This gimmick has proven in the past it will not jumpstart the economy. Only significant changes to the system of taxation in America will jumpstart the economy. We are using a tax system and code that is 100 years old. It served out great grandparents well but in this age of Technology it kills jobs and is killing our economy.

To complicate matters this so called plan of Obama’s won’t be available for 10 more days. Nobody has seen it. It was and is not available to the public nor to the Congress, and Obama will not make it available to anyone for 10 more days. How does that happen? He demands a joint session of congress to address the nation on jobs with what he says is a jobs plan, but then none of it is in writing. How does he get away with that? Does that tell you that possibly the whole address before Congress was a scheme to upend the Republican Debate at the Regan Library? How long will this plan be out and available to the public to review? How is this going to really be paid for? Should it be paid for? It was full of juicy Union and Teacher promises and benefits. Should the government be paying for jobs? Isn’t that counter productive? Doesn’t that seem bassakwards? The government paying for jobs. Hmmm. Ok. I thought the private sector did the jobs thing, and from that revenue rolls in.

Obama’s plan is to spend 450 billion dollars on government jobs and then get a fraction of that back in tax revenue. We go into the hole by another 1/2 trillion and get a small fraction returned. We then end up in worse shape than what we started in. He gets to avoid the problem for a year until he gets re-elected and then who cares after that. He’s the Lame Duck or potentially the Dictator.  Spend 450 billion get 20 billion or so back in tax revenues is not a job creation plan. Its planned debt to add to the 15 trillion we owe now which will enrich those who own that debt. We pay 400 billion yearly in interest on the debt. Guess what, someone is pocketing that 400 billion yearly. Who? Find that out and you will find the reason why Obama and this government wants to dig a deeper debt hole for us to have to dig ourselves out of. Are you seeing what I am seeing? Really. This is a true case of him calling the sky green when it is really blue.

If he really wants jobs then Drill baby Drill. It will create an estimated 1.2 million jobs over the course of a year and many of those jobs will be Union jobs. It will also effectively reduce the price of gas which will instantly put money into consumers and businesses pockets to pump back into the economy and create jobs. It will also effectively keep 100’s of billions of dollars in our pockets by not sending those dollars to other nations to pay for oil. It will also effectively end the war on terror since terrorists will no longer have a source of funding. If he wants a jobs plan scrap the tax code and drill baby drill. Sounds simple but really the simplest things in life are often times the most genius. And I didn’t come up with this plan. Some other genius did. His/Her name is common sense.

We need leadership not compromise. We need ideas that can work effectively no more experimental legislation that makes political science look more like political dice and tea leaf reading.

The Illegal alien rip-off

The children they bring with them get educated and those who don’t speak, read and write English fluently cost 20-40% more to educate than fluent English speakers cost. The children they have here also get educated for free and often aren’t fluent English speakers either. Children from low income families, regardless of legal status here, get two free meals every school day plus free books and free language tutoring when necessary.
They benefit from working at our jobs (driving up unemployme

­nt and driving down wages) and using our natural resources, like clean water and (mostly) healthy food. They get to our jobs by driving on our streets or using our public transporta­tion. They go to emergency rooms rather than going to doctors because they’d have to pay the bills at the Doctor’s office and we pay the emergency room bills. They really don’t help pay for much of any of the services they use every day because many work off the books and those who work on the books don’t earn enough money to pay much in taxes.

They’re not coming here to help us, they’re coming here to benefit off of us and that’s how it works out. They come illegally in their own self-inter­ests but we’re not allowed to enforce our own laws in our own self-inter­ests. There’s no real meaningful dispute of the facts so you general claims that they’re not eligible for benefits or they pay as much in taxes as everyone else (neither are true) and when we post data regarding total costs then some call us hateful names.”

MEDIA ADVISORY: Mihelich to Hold Rally for Caterpillar TODAY

(Joliet, Illinois) –  mayoral challenger Andy Mihelich has organized a rally in front of the Caterpillar facility in Joliet for Sunday afternoon as a show of support for the Peoria-based manufacturer and to call on Governor Pat Quinn and the General Assembly to respond to the concerns raised byCaterpillar CEO Doug Oberhelman in his March 21 letter to the Governor. “Illinois cannot afford to lose Caterpillar and Joliet cannot afford to lose Caterpillar,” said Mihelich, who has made job creation and business location the main thrust of his mayoral campaign. “This is a wake-up call for the state and for our community. I want to show Caterpillar that at the local level we want to do everything we can to keep them here and that includes pressuring our legislators and elected officials in Springfield to pursue policies that keep Caterpillar in Illinois.” Mihelich’s “Rally for Cat in Joliet” Details: WHO: -Andy Mihelich, Independent candidate for Mayor -Caterpillar employees who work at the Joliet facility -Joliet residents and small business owners WHAT: Rally to Keep Caterpillar in Illinois WHERE: Outside of Caterpillar facility in Joliet 2200 Channahon Rd Joliet, IL 60436 WHEN: TODAY, Sunday, March 27 @ 3:00pm

Mihelich: Time to End Health Care and Pension Benefits for City Council

by Andy Mihelich  (Joliet, Illinois) –

With the City of Joliet facing a $21 million budget shortfall for the next fiscal year with depleted cash reserves, independent candidate for Mayor Andy Mihelich today said that one of his first acts of business as mayor would be to rescindhealth care coverage for elected members of the Joliet City Council and ask them to waive their public pension benefits. “This is supposed to be public service,” said Mihelich. “It is a part-time job. This is not anyone’s main source of income so why should they be getting full-time benefits like health care?” Mihelich said that proposals to simply eliminate health care coverage as a lifetime benefit for City Council members who serve two terms doesn’t go far enough.

“The burdens placed on Joliet families to finance the status quo in our city impede their success,” said Mihelich. “We need to lessen the burdens on Joliet families and bring the city’s budget into balance. We cannot afford the salaries and benefits we are forcing taxpayers to finance currently. But before we go back to city employees and ask them to ante up, the politicians in this city need to ante up themselves.”

The (D’s) want to raise your property taxes.

  • President Barack Obama (D)
  • Vice President Joe Biden (D)
  • Senator Richard J. Durbin (D)
  • Governor Pat Quinn (D)
  • Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon (D)
  • Attorney General Lisa Madigan (D)
  • Secretary of State Jesse White (D)
  • Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka (R)
  • State Senator Linda Holmes (D), 42nd District
  • County Executive Lawrence M. Walsh (D)
  • County Auditor Duffy Blackburn (D)
  • Circuit Clerk Pamela McGuire (D)
  • County Coroner Patrick K. O’Neil (D)
  • State’s Attorney James W. Glasgow (D)
  • Recorder of Deeds Karen A. Stukel (D)
  • Regional Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant (D)

  • Mayor Arthur (Art) Schultz
  • Councilman Joe Shetina, District 1
  • Councilman Tim Brophy, District 2
  • Councilman John Gerl, District 3
  • Councilwoman Susan Barber, District 4
  • Councilman Warren Dorris, District 5
  • At-Large Councilman Thomas Giarrante
  • At-Large Councilman Mike Turk
  • At-Large Councilwoman Jan Hallums Quillman
  • ‘Andy Mihelich” ..Illegals? Get jobs before the ones that can vote.

     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 7, 2011 Contact: Andy Mihelich@ 815.630.5142 or Mihelich’s “Jobs for Joliet Plan”: Job Creation Requires Small Business Formation, Minority Participation (Joliet, Illinois) – Today independent mayoral challenger Andy Mihelich unveiled his “Jobs for Joliet” economic recovery plan. The key components of the Mihelich plan: (1) Partnering with Joliet Junior College’s Small Business Development Center (2) Creating a Joliet Economic Development Commission (3) Job-training for Joliet residents (4) Review of minority contracting to ensure the city is meeting its participation goals for minority-owned and woman-owned businesses The two questions Andy Mihelich invariably gets from Joliet residents as goes door-to-door are: (1) How do we balance the city’s budget? and, (2) How do we bring jobs back to Joliet? Mihelich has spent a lot of time in this campaign talking about the city budget given that the current administration, including his opponents on the City Council, have managed Joliet to the brink of bankruptcy. And while tough decisions will need to be made about the size and expense of city government in the short-term, Mihelich understands that economic growth is the long-term solution. Mihelich has framed his campaign around a simple proposition: As mayor, he will ask a simple question when considering each and every policy proposal, “Will this policy help Joliet families to be successful?” The first thing a family needs to be successful is a job.

    Today, Mihelich rolled out his “Jobs for Joliet” plan. The centerpiece of that plan is for the city to aid in the development, launch and support for small businesses. “Every community wants to bring in the big manufacturer or the big retailer, and I do as well,” said Mihelich. “But instead of seeking only home runs, we need to start hitting some singles and doubles. Small businesses are the engines of job growth in our economy and can be in Joliet.” Mihelich noted that of the nearly 1.2 million businesses in Illinois, 88% of them are so-called “microenterprises” with less than five employees. (source: Association for Enterprise Opportunity) Mihelich proposed that, in addition to the city’s Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the City of Joliet work more closely with the Illinois Small Business Development Center located at Joliet Junior College. “We don’t need to reinvent the wheel, we just need to educate our residents about the services and support that is out there to create a culture of entrepreneurship in Joliet,” said Mihelich. “The Small Business Development Center already works in conjunction with federal and state economic development agencies and retired executives to provide a wide range of services that help small businesses get off the ground and support them once their doors are open.” Mihelich said that very few existing businesses much less prospective ones know about the services available. Mihelich proposed ward-by-ward seminars on everything from writing business plans to financing options available. Mihelich also suggested creating an Entrepreneur’s Speakers Series for successful entrepreneurs to mentor those just starting out.

    Mihelich said his plan wouldn’t cost the city money as it simply would coordinate resource providers and educate Joliet residents as to the resources available for small businesses and start-ups. Mihelich also proposed creation of a Joliet Economic Development Commission where business, labor, and civic community leaders will be recruited to map out reforms they believe are needed to make Joliet a place that keeps existing businesses and attracts new ones that feature good paying jobs with benefits for Joliet families. “It is important to gather the input of leaders in a variety of sector and fields of endeavor to make sure we don’t miss anything when it comes to the reforms needed to make Joliet a destination for business,” said Mihelich. Mihelich said his first charge to the newly minted city-specific commission will be; (1) to ensure Joliet is getting a good return on its investment with the Will County Center for Economic Development; and (2) To aid in the transformation of downtown Joliet, including its street layout, to better embody a 21st century city. Mihelich also believes it is important for the mayor to be an ambassador for the city. Mihelich will personally visit existing Joliet businesses to gain an understanding of the specific challenges they face and how the city can help. He will also serve as the city’s lead recruiter for new businesses to make sure the interests of every neighborhood and every family is represented at the table as it pertains to new economic opportunities. Mihelich will also make job-training a priority to ensure Joliet families have the skills they need to compete for new jobs in the city.

    Mihelich’s experience at Joliet Junior College will be key to developing the necessary partnerships to make available the core skills-training required for residents who need help preparing for success in our global, digital economy. Finally, Mihelich emphasized the need to review the city’s minority contractor participation program to ensure participating goals are being met and exceeded. The city has a 10% minority set aside. “We need to begin by getting minority contractors certified to bid on contracts. We also need to construct city contracts in such a way that minorities can competitively compete.” Mihelich’s commitment to fair competition and equitable participation in city businesses earned him the Latino Business Association’s Community Advocate of the Year Award in 2008. Mihelich retired as Joliet Junior College’s Associate Vice President after 30 years of service. For 20 years he directed all of the college’s economic development programs, including dislocated worker assistance, small business development and entrepreneurship training, worker retraining, and community development. During his career at JJC, Mihelich also served on the Grundy Economic Development Council for twelve years.

    He chaired their Business Growth and Expansion Committee and served on the Executive Committee. He received their Community Member of the Year Award in 2000. Additionally, Mihelich served on the Joliet City Center Partnership Board of Directors for over a decade. He helped create the partnership’s vision for downtown redevelopment.