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The City of Crest Hill zoning code/closing library

Per our friends at Crest Hill 2010

At the July 12th City Council work session the location for the new Crest Hill branch of the Des Plaines Valley Public Library was announced.  The library board is preparing to buy a parcel of land just north of the Menards along Kubinski Dr. several hundred feet east of Weber Rd.  The library is looking to buy this land as soon as zoning issues can be resolved and then hope to begin construction so that the new library opens in May or June of 2012.

This proposed location has a number of weaknesses and does not appear to be the best site for the new library.  At a minimum a number of issues need to be addressed before the land is rezoned by the city and purchased by the taxpayers of the library district.

The City of Crest Hill zoning code currently allows for libraries only in areas zoned as residential, there is no provision for a library to be built in the middle of a commercial development.  This may simply be a relic of the good old days when no one conceived of a library anywhere besides a residential area.  Or it may be based on some good principles of having a community facility such as a library easily accessible to our citizens and for it to be possible for school children to get to the library without needing to take a car ride.

The library is also looking at a location that is currently planned for commercial development within a major commercial corridor.  This is a property that is meant to generate both property and sales taxes for the city in amounts greater than most other areas of the city.  The library however will generate zero tax dollars for Crest Hill and will cost the city the opportunity to get a revenue generating business into the location.

The third problem is that the library has no plans for the building that it is vacating on Theodore Street.  The City does not need another vacant building along Theodore.  And the library will be a very difficult building to reuse due to the fact that it is not handicap accessible with many steps to the entrance, has not been well maintained, and has very limited parking.

I think all of these issues need to be addressed and can be addressed before the library project moves forward.  The Plan Commission and City Council need to make sure an eager to build library and a cash starved developer do not steam-roll them into ignoring what is best for Crest Hill.

The biggest drawback to being placed in the middle of a commercial development is the lack of non-vehicular accessibility.  Weber Rd. and Caton Farm Rd. have no sidewalks near this development and there are no sidewalks within the development.  Before the zoning code is changed to allow the library to be built here this accessibility issue must be solved.  While I think a library belongs near a residential area, the next best thing is to at least create access to residential areas.  The city needs to require the developer or the library to extend sidewalks or walking/bike paths from the library site to the nearest residential developments in each direction.

The loss of tax revenue from this prime commercial property can be addressed through a Payment in Lieu of Taxes being made by the library.  The lost property taxes at a minimum should be recovered for all of the taxing entities losing out due to the loss of the ability to attract a taxpaying entity to this prime development.  The sales tax loss can probably be assumed to be covered by the library being an attraction that makes people somewhat more likely to shop at nearby stores.  This affect may not even cover the sales tax loss, but it could be a compromise gesture to take sales tax off the table of the library or developer will cover the property tax loss or at least a portion of it due to this being higher than usual value property.

The library can address the Theodore St. property by making some guarantees as to its future status.  They could possibly guarantee that it will be sold to a user who will occupy it within 12-24 months of the closing of the old library.  And that if this is not able to be done because the property is no marketable with the current building, the library will remove the building and regrade the lot to make it more marketable at its own cost and deed it to the city at that time.

All of these options taken together represent a large cost that would be imposed upon the library, however they have brought most of these costs upon themselves by selecting an unconventional site.  We should not let them either impose these costs solely upon Crest Hill either directly or indirectly through the loss of an accessible library, tax revenues, and the addition of a vacant hard to utilize building. There is nothing wrong with negotiating to share these costs between the City, the Library, and the developer.  A solution that shares the benefits and the costs is appropriate.  It is now up to the Crest Hill Plan Commission and City Council to do the right thing and protect the best interests of their citizens.

Joliet down town condo’s

JOLIET — City Councilman Timothy Brophy is working as a real estate agent for a downtown condominium project that received a package of incentives last month.

Brophy abstained from a vote on the incentives and did not comment as the council discussed the project, which has had city support since 2007.

Seems to me that this is going to be the biggest waste of Brophy’s and the rest of the city councils time, time that could be utilized to obtaining commitments of maybe employers bringing jobs to Joliet Illinois. Who the hell wants to live in a condo in Joliet to begin with, Look Crabigales closed and many others are just hanging by a thread in this economy.

What Brophy and the rest of the council should do is? ‘” Do what they was elected to do” Get Jobs for Joliet and get employers to come here by lowering taxes, we have a great labor base that is sitting doing nothing in this economy….Brophy’s and the Joliet city council head has been there  ass for to long, maybe they should just cut a big fart and dislodge it.

Condos near Evergreen terrace…What a laugh. Is there Tax dollars for this? How would condo owners like to see Section 8 housing right across from them and the crime that goes along with it.

Joliet illinois and the rest of the United States.

The big lie known to all of Joliet Illinois Homeless (story to be in print soon)


Dear public officials:  Especially Larry Walsh 

 American voters are not happy with your job performances. It doesn’t matter which political party you belong to, you have not been listening to the people who elected you and pay your salaries and benefits. 

 You probably had the best intentions when first taking office. You recognized problems in the system and vowed to be the voice of the public during your term. It appears, however, that the train of public opinion has pulled out of the station and left you behind standing on the platform. You claim to represent the people, but ignore public opinion polls. You say that you want to hear all sides of an issue, but vote exclusively along party lines. You avoid town hall meetings because you fear that constituents will disagree with your positions on a variety of issues. 

Most politicians blame the previous administration for its mistakes but take credit for its successes. 

 We elected you to solve problems, not point fingers. During your campaign, you promised that you would listen to all sides and find a way to forge compromises that include all points of view. You promised transparency. Your initiatives and legislative recommendations are scaring the business community and standing in the way of prosperity. 

 American businesses create jobs, not the government. 

 Congress, you are not listening to the will of the people. You need to reduce spending and taxes. You did it in the ’90s. End the partisan bickering and work as a team to produce legislation that will support real job growth. Eliminate earmarks and spend our tax dollars wisely. 

 Hey politicians, you just don’t get it, period. Corruption, back room deals and one party rule is over. It’s time for YOU to be unemployed. Ask Larry about his vist to the Mission on Jan 14th 2010 at 4 pm and what remuneration that he recieved

Voters In Will county

When you go to the polls today think of all the taxes that have been levied on your pockets in the last 4 years,  stop and think if you re-elect the same people back into office will the situation change under their management of the city and county of Joliet and Will County.

I cast my vote today and I voted to oust the current regime and voted for change, I want jobs for the area, “not” more taxes by a pick-pocket elected board(s) I was and am tired of paying for the screws-up, only to be asked to fix the problem with more of my tax dollars when they have wasted so much of our tax dollars in the past.

So vote today for tomorrow your pocket my be picked clean.

Change or is it..

Politics and fat cats. American people need to rethink their political decisions and elect more common and middle-class citizens to office because they’ll have a better insight with the haves or have-nots and bring a truly balanced reflection of all the citizens’ needs and concerns.

So much for a change and a higher ethical standard in Washington.

Joliet Police Farce!!!!!

Today I helped my sister and brother-in-law install the cabinets in their house. It wasn’t a hard decision for them I had my own custom shop for fifteen years, I know how to do it right!

So I drive back to Joliet and decide I want to vegetate in front of the tube and relax for the rest of the night and have a few beers (yes I’m just an average guy wanting an average night, few great expectations, few fulfilled). So on the way I stop at Stang-Kelly’s for a 12 pack of the new Bud Ale (they didn’t have it)! Oh well Bud light it is! On the way back to my house in St.Pat’s, I took Washington St. (west) back to Seeser on which I live (great short cut). At Blackman I have to stop, there are 3 young assholes walking in the middle of the street and like a good citizen I wouldn’t run them down like the idiots deserve (I taught my 4 children not to play in the street before they could walk). At any rate here am I in my little convertible sports car stopped in the middle of the street while they walked around me! As they passed one of them said to me “Get the fuck out of the street white bitch”

 I get out of the car and ask the young man what he said and he tells me “Fuck you I’ll punch you in your head Bitch”. I reply “Do you have money to bail” he told me “I know where you live, I know your car and your people and your house; I’m going to get you Bitch”! Being the person I am, I call “911” and try to defuse the situation, there are several cars that stop that know the individual and they tell him and his friends to flee while I dial my Phone!

Here is where it gets interesting! I talk to the “911” operator and ask for a squad car immediately because my security and my family’s security has been threatened, her advice “get into your car and wait for the Police”. I told her that I have a convertible so getting into my car is not an option! Her response is “a patrol car is on the way”! I gave her direction of the people and details of them and their attire. I also asked that a squad meet me at my home and gave her the necessary information. I followed one of them to his house (6 Seeser St. he had separated from the others and walked away) and went home and waited for the squad (I was following the law; police take action when citizens ask for it. Citizens don’t deal out street justice)!

Guess what an hour and a half later no response, no squad! I called the non-emergency number which was answered by “operator # 808. I asked for the “Watch Commander” (Lt.Tracton, there was no spelling given by the operator so it may be incorrect). I wasn’t allowed to talk to him. As a matter of fact she said an officer stopped by (it didn’t happen because I waited on my porch for him) this is why I made the second call an hour and a half later. She also told me that there would be extra patrols added to my area for the next 30 days, by my request!

So I tell my wife and 12 year old daughter to go up stairs and go to sleep and I will watch out for the house etc.(I received no help from the JPD what so ever on this). At 12:45 I hear 2 bangs and grab my 12 GA shot gun and run out to my porch and see 2 male Americans of African descent, wearing the same clothes I reported, running south to Allen St. then west. I get a bead on one but didn’t shoot because my neighbor’s cars and houses are viable frag’s and didn’t want to endanger these people or their assets.

Both of my cars had the drivers side windows smashed out with a rock (we found it on the street). These cars are my hobby, the 91 Mercury Capri XR2 (1 of 3500 made) and the 94 Mercury Capri XR2 (1 of 366 made) have non-replaceable parts, there are none available from Mercury period! I belong to a club that preserves these and restores them and the price of spare parts are astronomical, especially glass, it has to be purchased on e-bay or from Australia where the car was made!

Once again I called “911”! I told them what happened. It took 5 min. for a squad to show up!!!!!!

The officer is very nice (I’m familiar with this officer and he is a great asset to the force! Young and not negatively influenced by the incompetence of his leadership)!

It seems that the “Watch Commander” (Lt.Tracton) didn’t alert the oncoming shift of the “911” call or the threat to myself or my family posed and as I see it  the City of Joliet Failed me. I feel my life and the lives of my family members are now in danger!  I will do whatever it takes to survive and will not be forced out of my house!

My family will leave Joliet tomorrow and go back to New Lenox with family members where they are safe! Tomorrow I go hunting! This city isn’t safe for decent people and I am going to change that!

I demand that Lt, Tracton be relieved of his duties and his job! I also demand the resignetion of the Cheif of Police and the Assistant cheif of Police for gross Negligence  for their incompetance in promoting this Idiot! His incompetence is sickening. His irresponsibility and ineptitude is without precedence in the entire state of Illinois! With leadership like this the people of Joliet are left to the drug addled idiots that roam our streets. I won’t put up with this, and you shouldn’t either! Call the Joliet Non Emergency number @ 815-726-2491or the City Council Member # 815.724.3718 or the City Manager # 815.724.3720 or the Deputy City Manager#  815.724.3730 if you have had problems with response times for your calls. Remember we can’t protect our selves in this city or this state without our Police forces, the law is against decent people!. To not have representation from these people is in fact the same as absolute anarchy!

Don’t give me the reason to create Anarchy! I will!

And I will Win!

Phillip Otto Cleary                                                                      Candidate for Joliet City Council