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Redundant You Say ?

I have been informed by a reader of this blog that my posts are rather… redundant.

So let me get this straight. You are OK with the government throwing money it DOESN”T have ( see : national debt ), at a problem it WON”T fix (big corporations outsourcing for cheap labor & avoiding taxes), forcing the government to raise OUR taxes, to throw more money it doesn’t have, at the same problem it won’t fix, forcing them to raise our taxes…..

You are absolutely right. I am being redundant. Good thing you caught that. We wouldn’t want THAT to get out of hand !! We ALL need to put an end to redundancy. Vote out the redundant. (incumbents)

Remember; The dollar you save, will be your own.


Using the pie as a diagram, those who have the biggest pieces cry about not getting their tax break. The problem is: the way their slice got to be so big, is by taking a piece of all those who work/ worked for them. So, by the blood, sweat and lives of others, they have accumulated their wealth.

By just creating a bigger pie, as the government would like to do, you effectively just increase the disparity between the haves and have-nots. Nothing really changes.

Why can’t all those at the top pay a little more ? There are at least two choices; 1) Pay more taxes… That would allow the government to have enough to subsidize the at, or below poverty level citizens, so that they could not just simply survive, but live decently. You’ve already stripped them of their dignity, so at least let the government help them to be independent( if not self-sufficient).

2) Or, give them (the one’s you’ve used to get where you are) a little piece of your pie.( aka: a living wage)

Take Wal-Mart for example. How much money does a man need ? Thousands of employees, but how many earn enough to be self-sufficient ? But Sam Walton doesn’t want to pay a little more in taxes ? Minimum wage is not self-sufficient today, nor will it be in the future. Think about it !

Then there’s the government itself. At all levels it’s ” Looking out for me, myself, and I.” Period. From backroom payouts, to exploiting loopholes, its ” I gotta’ gets mines.” Whatever happened to “Government by the people, FOR the people” ?

I thought all those social programs were designed to HELP THOSE STRUGGLING to live at, or above poverty. The key words in that sentence: Help those struggling. Meaning, as long as they were trying, there would be help. These programs were not designed to replace anything, (ie. working for a living) they are simply there to help. I mean if they’re not willing to even try to be self-sufficient, then why should those who are trying, have to foot the bill?

The same for these so-called AMERICAN businesses. If you are not willing to pay a living wage, so that your employees can live independently, then why should you get a tax break ? And if you choose to outsource overseas, then expect to be taxed on your incoming product.

As for the illegals, it was your choice. YOU chose to come here illegally, knowing it was against our laws. Should we expect to be treated differently if we were to break your laws ?  I think not ! As for doing the jobs you do ? Who do you think was doing it before you came along ? You are taking our jobs by WILLINGLY working for less money. NOT OUR FAULT !! You’re the problem.

Lets be realistic. There’s really only one pie. I won’t begrudge you your piece, as long as you’re not stealing it from mine.

All this thinking has made me hungry. PIE ANYONE ?

Joliet’s Dead Wait

Here’s the situation as I see it.

The City of Joliet has a lot of dead weight. There’s Silver Cross Field, the water park, empty buildings downtown and of course, the deficit. The new mayor has his hands full even before he takes office. In order for us to decide who to vote for, we’ll need to hear and see, a clear-cut plan to address these issues.

We also need to vote out the dead weight that has allowed the city to get to this point. For years they have been in office and have not produced so much as an idea of how to fix what’s broke. To tell the truth, it’s like they don’t even know anything is broke. They spent and spent till there was no more to spend, then , they spent some more.

Now that they are worried they won’t be back, they are reducing the pay for their replacements. A nice “welcome to the neighborhood”. This is not fixing the problem, just passing the “buck”, or not in this case.

We’ll need creativity in the next administration. Necessity is the mother of invention they say. From the mayor on down, it will take creativity to eliminate all the dead weight of the previous administration.

They’ll need to “invent” ways to use the Field, just to cover expenses; re-negotiate the lease, or sell it outright, if possible. They’ll need to find ways to get businesses to move into downtown. As far as the water park, well, let’s just say, they’ll need to be REALLY creative.

This town has had not 1, but 2 casinos for some time, but all they managed to do, was saddle us with almost useless, tax-exempt luxuries instead of providing the necessities.

It’s time to make a stand. The city of Joliet is in a dead wait situation. With so much dead weight dragging us down, we can hardly wait till the election to turn it around.

Somebody Make It Stop !!!!

Council may vote to cut pay for incoming members

By Mary Owen TribLocal reporter September 23, 2010 at 11:58 a.m.

The Joliet City Council could vote next month on a 5 percent pay cut for all incoming council members who are elected in April in an effort to save tax dollars.

The Finance Committee voted this week to make the recommendation. The committee’s chairman, Tim Brophy, who is running for re-election in the 2nd District, had proposed the 5 percent cut in the past two city council meetings.

“I think it’s important that the council makes a statement about what’s going forward,” said Brophy, who was appointed Tuesday as chair of the committee, replacing Tony Uremovic, who retired from the council in late August. “We’re going to have to start with ourselves. Call it grandstanding. Call it leadership.”

City council members earn $20,000 a year. Current council members would not be affected, until re-election, according to the recommendation. City ordinance prohibits changes in pay for sitting members. The council’s five district council members are up for re-election April 5.

Brophy also suggested at-large council members, who are not up for re-election, could voluntarily give up 5 percent of their salary.

The city is facing a $30 million budget deficit as they enter their budget process for the 2011 fiscal year. A final budget is expected to be finalized in December.

In a past city council meeting, Councilwoman Jan Hallums-Quillman, who is running for mayor, suggested a 10 percent salary cut. She attended the finance committee meeting and suggested council members be paid per meeting. But, committee members decided that would be difficult to calculate since council members attend various committee meetings and have outside obligations.

The city council has two more meetings in October to vote on the issue before early November deadline to affect the incoming council members.

Don’t you just love how they decide to pass the BUCK ???  In this case, the BUCK stays put until WE ( the present council) have left with ours.








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Are You Seriuos ?!

By now I’m sure you have read, or at least heard about a new law in Illinois.

I’m talking about distracted driving. It’s a serious issue, so much so, that Illinois was the first to sign into LAW, that the families of distracted driving could now for the paltry sum of what.. $200 ? erect a billboard sign the size of New Jersey on the side of the road to DISTRACT DRIVERS !!!

Though to be fair, these signs are to warn motorists of the consequences of DISTRACTED DRIVING ! Stay with me now.

This is how our elected officials here in Illinois (motto: Caution! Corruption at Work) are working tirelessly to not only educate its citizens, but PROTECT them as well.

Let’s all run to our bookies to wager on how many accidents it will take before they realize that they are helping to DISTRACT DRIVERS !!

In the meantime, let’s be safe out there, and if you should happen to see one of these signs, be sure to HONK your horn and point it out to those who may be too busy with.., OH I don’t know…, DRIVING for instance, to notice it themselves.

We wouldn’t want these signs to go to waste, because you know, it’ll be STATE employees who will erect these DISTRACTIONS on our dime.

To Whom It May Concern…, Are These The Facts ?

I have been informed by the creator/owner/editor-in-chief of the blog: The Will County Watcher, that my posts’ have generated a lot of e-mails being sent in.

When I asked, “Why, then, are there no comments ?” His response was they prefer to complain rather than critique with constructive criticism.

So I can only assume that no one out there has anything constructive to add, or detract from my posts. (Save for Mr Cleary, who by the way, has straightened me out on a number of things.) Thank-you very much.

Even Joliet Jake and I do not agree on everything.

But you’ve got to admit, politics in IL., Will County in particular, are about the most corrupt in the country.

Are these the facts ? We (IL.) are the furthest in debt. We (IL.) have the worst temp agencies in the country. Downtown Joliet looks like a ghost town. The city of Joliet spends taxpayer money on failed “entertainment” (need I remind you – If it’s fun…,) If I am wrong, PLEASE, show me!

And while all of this is going on, YOUR taxes have skyrocketed. YOUR benefits have all but vanished. Job security ? What job security ??!!!

But (yes I know, there’s always a but in there somewhere) YOUR politicians have voted themselves a RAISE !!!

We simply wish to exact change. CHANGE all the elected officials. CHANGE the way taxpayers money is spent. Give us our monies worth. If YOU purchase something, anything, and it fails…, YOU CHANGE IT ! don’t you ???

So post your comments, I am anxious to hear what you think. In particular I want your response to Are These The Facts ?

President Obama, Wednesday night, at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus gala:

By Lynn Sweet
“Now, the Senate is going to have a chance to do the right thing over the next few weeks when Senator Reid brings the DREAM Act to the floor. (Applause.) Keep in mind, in the past, this was a bill that was supported by a majority of Democrats and Republicans. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t receive that same kind of bipartisan support today. I’ve been a supporter since I was in the Senate, and I will do whatever it takes to support the Congressional Hispanic Caucus’ efforts to pass this bill so that I can sign it into law on behalf of students seeking a college education and those who wish to serve in our country’s uniform. It’s the right thing to do. We should get it done.”
Office of the Press Secretary