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No insurance ⁄ Cell Phone may get you put in Jail Jan 1st 2010


Starting Jan. 1, those found driving without insurance in accidents causing bodily harm will be charged with a Class A Misdemeanor instead of a traffic citation.

Although the new laws have received widespread approval by law enforcement and the public since they were announced in August, questions still linger as to whether the new regulations will serve as an effective deterrent.

Other methods of enforcement would entail the use of stationary and roving patrols, similar to the type already used for traffic patrols and anti-drunken-driving details.⁄

Cell phone

Secretary of State spokesman Dave Drucker said police also will have the ability to subpoena phone records after a serious accident to determine whether text messages were being sent or received at the time of a crash.

Distracted driving caused by cell phone use has gained increased attention in recent years. This summer, police in Great Britain released a public service announcement that has received worldwide attention because of its graphic depiction of a fatal accident caused by a driver who was distracted from the road because she was composing a text message.

A large factor in answering that question comes down to enforcement, and police agencies throughout the state will be assigned with the task of catching violators.

Halvorson acts like, Staff “Adopted-a-Room” at Local Charity Photo Op.

Congresswoman Debbie Halvorson and her staff  spent 5 minutes volunteering at Joliet’s Daybreak Center, giving a acting performance like it was a “extreme makeover” Oh yea she was donating furnishings that other supporters gave her so that she looks good.

Halvorson said

“Giving back is so important right now, and Daybreak Shelter is such an important place for our community. During this holiday season, I hope everyone considers donating some of their time to helping others,” said Halvorson. yea five minutes from all of will county would be great.

Lead by example Mrs Halverson. I would ask Halvorson this: where is the jobs, homeless people need them also…Enough photo op’s do your Job Halverson and quit trying to get peoples minds off your lousy track record….

Taser time on Joliet’s Eastside

Angry shopper uses Taser at Joliet store
An angry shopper asked to leave a southwest suburban Joliet supermarket was arrested Friday after he returned with a Taser gun, police said.
Juan Varges was asked to leave the Gonzales Supermarket at 652 Collins St. in Joliet on Friday, but returned about 5 p.m. with a Taser gun and attacked the store’s 33-year-old butcher.
Varges, 18, of Unit 2, 657 Columbia in Joliet, was arrested Friday and booked into Will County jail on charges of battery, criminal trespassing and unlawful use of a weapon, police said.
No injuries were reported on the police report.

Tax dollars wasted on legal fight we paid the cost.

Back in the 70’s I lived in what is known now as The Evergreen apt and back then it was a great place to live, as a kid I had a lot of fun there, but now it is a cesspool.

Five years ago is the same as today,  any time of the day or night you can purchase crack, weed, meph, get robbed and get sex all in one house of debauchery.

The Joliet City council needs to get tough on the Evergreen terrace and its owners.

What message does it send to Joliet residents when laws are allowed to be broken, the city council goes soft and gives up on the attempt to shut down the Evergreen apts now, what about all our tax dollars paid for legal fees.

The message is clear: soft on crime and never finish what they start.

Ahh!! sounds about right don’t it..

The property that this place sits on could be utilized better as a home for battered women, a city civics center or any thing that would send a positive message to people of Joliet and to Will County.

Just think what these movie companies that have come to Joliet over the past few years have said about Joliet and think what new visitors to Joliet think on what they see when they have to go past the Evergreen apts leaving the the casino.

What is this place really costing the people of Joliet, describing it as Sec 8 housing further diminishes its image and lowers the surrounding property values and all the while there are them that would also have us believe that this place is ok as it is, It is time to clean house and it is time for the city to push the broom or the city council should get the hell out and let somebody with a backbone do it.

Vote this coming year…pass it on.

JOLIET — Will County Clerk Nancy Schultz Voots reminds those individuals who are not registered to vote, that Jan. 5 is the last day to register if you wish to vote in the Feb. 2 general primary election.

Joke went horribly wrong

A Joliet man has lots of explaining to do, after a joke went horribly wrong.

At 12:41 p.m. Monday, Jeremy S. Donaldson, 33, was inside the Harris Bank branch at 801 N. Essington Rd. in Joliet while his 36-year-old girlfriend was waiting in the car, Deputy Chief Mike Trafton said.

“He sent her a text message saying a man with a gun was inside the bank,” Trafton said.

But Donaldson’s girlfriend didn’t get the joke, and called police to report a bank robbery. Swarms of officers showed up.  (Read more.)